Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Babushka USB flash drive

Babushka USB flash drive

Every country has national symbol: flag (Union Jack in Great Britain), construction (Eifel Tower in France) or animal (Kangaroo in Australia).And if you think about Russia you think Kremlin, Putin and, of course, Babushka! A meaning of a word Babushka is grandmother and original name of the wooden doll is Metryoshka. The best known Russian souvenir appeared for the first time in end of 19th century after Russian-Japanese War and in a wink make one's mark in Russia and in World Wide.

  Russian doll USB memory stick

Online shop offering Babushka memory stick in capacity storage of 1 GB and price US $28.

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Russia , haan... i think of Kremlin, Putin and,now of course, Babushka! , informative, keep posting