Monday, May 26, 2008

Virgin Mary - USB flash drive

Maria USB flash drive Virgin Mary USB flash drive
Today, many companies offers all sorts of solutions to protection data। Start as simple Pin-code to very sophisticated algorithms and firewalls। Spanish designer Luis Eslava from Valencia resolve this problem in very original way - a prayer! A moto of the Maria USB flash memory stick "Oh Maria, keep my data safe!" A experience of 2000 years of the prayer does work perfect and the most famous in the World.
Jesus USB flash drive Virgin Mary USB flash drive
Storage of 1 GB for "sinless data" available in 69 EUR (incl। VAT and delivery).

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Clothesline clamp - USB flash drive

Clamp cool USB flash drive 

A creative solutions of modern designers in electronic product always gladden geeks, techs and amateurs of technologies. Polish design company POOR has took the responsibility to satisfy smile to everyone of these customers .Wooden Clamp  "SPINACZ" this is a cool USB flash disk, which present  by company.

Clamp cool USB flash drive

If you support a idea of "green" products - hung it on the clothes, but if you  belong to nerdy type man - a place of Clamp USB memory stick  in your front breast pocket, next to pen and calculator. Very simple, practical  and genial solutions to  usual USB device.

Clamp cool USB flash drive

Monday, May 19, 2008

Strawberry - USB Flash Drive

Strawberry USB Flash Drive

It's not a first time, that electronic mart is offering USB memory stick in the shape of fruit. In the last year saw "Christmas Cake" USB Hub With "Strawberries", but today we present new beautiful and very realistic USB flash disk in the shape of a tasty strawberry.

Strawberry USB Flash Disk

A memory storage of 1GB in exchange for $50 will be happy your PC, Laptop or office desk.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Pizza - USB flash drive.

Pizza USB flash drive
We presented in the past more types of "USB food", but today we offered very popular product - Original Italian USB Pizza! 1 GB of flash "cheese and sausage" obtainable in 50$ only.
Pizza USB flash drive

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Loewestamm Wooden Jewellery - USB thumb drive

Wooden Jewellery USB flash drive

 Memore Zip

Ukrainian company Loewestamm was founded in 1989 by designer Vladimir Levestam to manufacture stylish accessories handcrafted from natural wood. Today we present new collection of USB flash drive as the name "Memore". Every USB stick wrapped in old wood material and made by hand-made. USB devices is offered in Bog oak , Crimean mountain oak, Ash and Plum wood.

Wooden Jewellery USB flash drive

Memore Emo

Wooden Jewellery USB flash drive

Memore Bit

Wooden Jewellery USB flash drive

Memore Media

A capacity storage 1GB and 2GB. A price start at $60 .

Wooden Jewellery USB flash drive   Wooden Jewellery USB flash drive 

Access E                                       Access A

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Golden USB flash drive

Adamant  Golden USB flash drive 

Today we present the most expensive USB flash drive - diamond-studded gold plated USB flash drive Adamant from company Golden Store. The Adamant USB memory stick is studded with 3 diamonds, 0.15 carats each and Lapis Lazuli gemstone deposits. A storage capacity of device 16 GB and weighs just 54 grams. Limited to only 50 pieces, the Adamant USB flash disk costs a whopping $5,650.

Adamant  Golden USB flash drive

Apparently, a creature of hi-tech devices in the class "Luxe" becomes by tendency. We will see, how more will surprise us manufacturers in the future.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Wooden natural USB flash drive

Wooden natural USB flash drive

A natural wooden is not cheap plastic ( However you know this without us).
Wooden natural USB flash drive 

New USB flash drives worked out by Markus Bischof and produced by Germanic company Thalbach Design Manufaktur. A singularity of the memory stick  - a wood sort for making "natural" device. This is not MDF, but very old trunks of woods used for material for USB-stick.

Wooden natural USB flash drive

Don't think, that bugs and sawdust will be come out from the flash disk - USB memory stick produced by very high quality.
Wooden natural USB flash drive 

A price 1 GB  of "Intelligent stock" - 59 €, 2GB - 65 € and 4 GB -  95 €. A price of USB flash disk not turn on the wood sort and color.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

EURO 2008 - Football USB flash drive

 football euro 2008 USB flash drive

A first whistling of Euro 2008 in Austria and Switzerland will be heard in 7 June. And renowned company A-Data  already prepared to European Championship - Football USB memory stick

perfect gift to every fun. In out opinion this USB flash disk can complete a private collection of features and gadgets devoted to forthcoming games.

A left ball of the stick is a cap of the connector and a right - the indicator of read/write process.

 football euro 2008 USB flash drive

P.S. Free animated mobile wallpaper with flag of your favorite team you can download here

USBee - Flexible USB flash drive

USBee Flexible USB flash drive  

To modern devices lacks  propinquity to nature. All flash drives made from identical metal pieces, why not to change a form of USB memory stick to Bee(for example). Namely this created Serbian designer Damjan Stankovic and win competition in MS Industrial USB Competition. A name of the concept is USBee. But a singularity of the concept not a design - the zest of flash drive is a flexibility. USB-connector bestowed at a distance from chip NAND, which bind by wires in flexible adapter.

USBee Flexible USB flash drive

A device has some features:
1. A cooling holes (but not understandable what to cool).
2. A cap for save USB-connector.

A conclusion, remarkable intention - will wait to realization!

USBee Flexible USB flash drive

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Mouse USB flash drive

 Mouse Rat 2008 USB flash drive

American corporation Super Talent present USB memory stick Mouse series with very "happy"  design.

Rat USB flash drive

Don't forget  a year  2008  is Year of the Rat (in Chinese Calendar)!

You can add luck to yourself,  your computer and your data.

To every one should be amulet and this beautiful and charming Mouse USB flash disk is great solution.

Mouse USB flash disk

A storage of 1 GB , 2 GB or 4 GB (start at 20$).