Saturday, January 31, 2009

I.D Pet - Dog Collar with Embedded USB Thumb Drive

 Dog Collar USB Thumb Drive

Not only for peoples! An innovation of designer Ji-Hoon Chung intended to our small friends – to dogs. A main thought of USB collar is to leave data about dog’s owner and his address. If a dog was lost – a card will save it!  But producer not limit using on the USB storage. You can save backup your files, mp3 or any data in dog collar! Let us suppose, in morning jogging with dog you meeting old friend. A friend pull out mp3 player and you hearing new song of lovely artist! What to do? How to save a dream? And here you see cool collar with USB thumb drive! You saved!

Dog Collar with Embedded USB Thumb Drive

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Red Rose USB Flash Drive to Valentine Day

 Red Rose USB Flash drive

What a gift to bestow to spouse in the Valentine Day? Millions mans run around every year and invent creative solutions. A site USB Geek try to relieve in the searches and offering Red Rose USB memory stick.

Red Rose USB thumb drive

Cool gadget, beautiful pendant and usability device available in capacity storage of 2GB and price $25 .

Gift Red Rose USB pendant

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Four Eyes – USB flash drive

Glasses USB flash drive

Tech designers convinced us, which given to insert USB storage to any item. And now time has come of glasses. Last invention of 2009  include not only cool USB thumb drive, but eyeglasses in shape of pince-nez and bookmark to the book! Undoubtedly, Four Eyes USB flash drive will be good memory storage, also bookmark  will endured long using, but a problem  how to protect lens?  A answer to this and other question will get in future.

3 in 1:

Cool USB thumb drive

Four Eyes USB flash drive


Bookmark USB flash drive


Glasses USB flash drive

Device available in capacity storage of 2GB and a price $29 in the site of Imm Living

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bagel Drive – Jewish USB flash drive

This is a first electronic bagel in the World! Also this is a first kosher USB flash drive!

 Bagel Jewish USB flash drive

 THE BUPKES STORE is offering deliciously Jewish bake in capacity storage of  2 giganosh* (2GB for the goyim) in $24.95

Buy one for a Jewish Geek. It’s a mitzvah!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hand sign – USB flash drive

A site Sirtified is offer cool design products and gadgets. But cut a figure USB flash drives in shape as hand sign. In every culture exist symbols and gestures. And in the World accepted some signs, that every one know, like the rocker's devil horn salute or hippie peace sign. In this time released 3 signs:


Hand sign West USB Flash drive Hnad sign West 2GB USB thumb drive


Hand sign East USB Flash drive Hnad sign West 2GB USB Flash drive


Hand sign Haevy Metal Rock USB Flash drive Hand sign Rock USB Flash drive

Hand Sign USB thumb drive has capacity storage of 2GB and price US$ 35.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

DDR RAM – USB Flash drive

DDR RAM 2GB  USB flash drive

This is a best gadget for real geek! USB flash drive in shape as DDR RAM. A cool look of DDR memory, a minimal weight and  availability is opening new  series of USB flash drives in 2009.

DDR RAM 4GB  USB thumb drive

A DDR RAM Flash drive in capacity storage of 2GB and 4GB  is available in Brendo.