Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sculpture to USB flash drive

Sculpture USB flash drive
A main target of the USB flash drive is to store and transfer data to/from computer. Users don't wont to see the boring form and functionality only, therefore manufacturers is creating the varied forms in omnifarious themes as Sushi or Animals or … flash drive as sculpture.
Data Stream USB flash drive
Not all modern users known technical details how data come from or to memory stick and what is it the binary code. That to remind it was created Data Stream USB flash drive. A superficies of device is justifying the name Data Stream, because the author succeeded to visualize a stream of binary numbers. In other words, USB sculpture exhibiting the naked data.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Extraterrestrial USB flash drive

Extraterrestrial USB flash drive
A company PRETEC (Taiwan) was presented coolest USB memory stick in the shape as extraterrestrial. A snow-white body of object can be extraterrestrial and can be spacemen, but it not important, because USB connector exist in the backpack, therefore name of memory stick is i-Disk BackPacker.
Backpacker USB flash drivei-Disk Backpacker USB memory stick
Capacity storage of enigmatic voyager 2GB –16GB. I the pack of device you can find bonus – themes wallpaper.
Welcome to Earth!

Rugged USB flash drive

James Bond USB flash drive
New coolest USB flash drive from ADATA intended for active lifestyle. Name S007 meaning that James Bond would take the memory stick to dangerous adventure. ‘Why?’, you ask. A answer concealed in the properties and materials of  the device. S007 USB flash drive is waterproof and shock-resistant, over and above he is designed to prevent cap loss and lifetime warranty.
Waterproof S007 USB flash drive
Every user of current disk on key can download free UFDtoGO, OStoGO and Norton Internet Security 2010 (60 day – free)  for secured using. One more feature: memory stick fully compliant with US MIL-STD-810F-514.5C-3 military standard. Take it to space or to ocean-floor, your data will be save in reliable storage.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Secure ‘n’ Go Secure Data USB flash drive

Secure Data USB memory stick
English company Verbatim presented new Secure USB memory stick. A main feature of device is mandatory password and 256 bit AES hardware encryption. A system waiting to 20 wrong password attempts and erases all data. A Secure Data USB flash drive made in shape as latch by that mark the securable of device.
Secure Data USB flash drive
Capacity storage 4GB , 8GB and 16GB. A price 29 Euro, 58 Euro and 99 Euro.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Clip-its USB Flash Drive

Clips-its USB flash drive
In July we published  Paper clip USB flash drive the winner of competition Red Dot Design Awards and already famous company Verbatim begin release of concept in the name Clips-its USB drive. A effective shape, lightness and tiny will come success to memory stick, witch can be also paper clip.
Verbatim Clips-its USB memory stick Paper Clips USB flash drive
Capacity storage 2GB and 4GB.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Swiss Army Knife USB Flash Drive

Famous Swiss company Victorinox known in the World as one of the best creators kitchen knifes and knife for survival. Victorinox released countless clasp knifes begin from the little clasp knife with one blade to clasp knifes with pliers, saw and lamp. But modern life was forced to change a view to the world of consumption and was added new “blades” as stick to PDA and, of course, USB memory stick. In desert, in ocean or in the space in every place in Earth you can find USB port, therefore today USB flash it’s not gadget only, but item for survival.
Swiss Army Knife USB Flash Drive
Capacity storage 1GB – 16GB.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Keychain USB flash drive

The best popular electronic gadget, undoubtedly, is USB memory stick. Children and adults use it every day and terabytes of data transferred from computer to computer. In the different shapes and in the different capacity USB flash drives exist in  pouch,  case or in the ring of keys. From the last place was take name disk on key (like a name of the our site). Where coolest USB flash drive exist in the key ring it’s not expediency only, but decoration as keychain. Next item was created by already known design studio OMC² and named Keychains Data Stick.

Disk On Key

Keychain USB flash drive made by metal and plastic.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Mr. USB flash drive

Some USB memory stick has indicator, which  light up and blow out where data transferring from/to computer. This blinking very remember a work of hearth, and  also served as  inspiration to designer Onur Müştak Çobanlı. A place of hearth in body of human, therefore a shape of USB flash drive is man and suitable name Mr. USB.

 Mr. USB

Mr. USB was created in 2010 by design studio OMC².

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Warning USB flash drive

lungs and liver usb drive

Up to the sixties cigarettes and alcohol wasn’t regarded as dangerous. After some researches and long struggle government forbidden public promotion of tobacco and alcohol  in TV and billboards. Warning was present in everyplace and even in the packs. Thanks to supreme effort millions of life's was saved, but a struggle not finished yet and new way to familiarize mass is electronic gadgets. In the website USB Geek was published set in the name “Lungs & Liver USB Flash Drive”. A lungs USB memory stick is human, but instead of head exist a lungs and reminder “Don’t smoke”. Second stick is human with liver instead of head and reminder “Don’t drink”. Set of Warnings USB flash drive is cool gift to partner or colleague which do you want to save a health.

 liver usb drive lungs usb drive

Capacity storage 4GB. Price - $20.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fantastic Elastic USB memory drive

Fantastic Elastic Data Stick was created in 2009 by design studio OMC². This is not first resistant to water memory stick, but this is first full hermetical device, where a cover is closed. A Fantastic Elastic USB flash drive is ready to safe dipping and you can be calm – a data will not be damaged.

Fantastic Elastic USB memory drive

A fancy memory stick available in various colors.

Golden Key USB flash drive

Why a lot of big and small companies get name of Golden Key? A answer is very simple: gold is symbolizing the rich and key – a right way to the success. Is it your data is rich? Are you found a secret of business? Say “YES!” and take USB flash drive in shape as Golden Key.
Golden Key USB flash drive
Golden Key USB memory stick was created by Russian designers as item in the project Kuzka's mother (more items from the project: Move of the knight USB flash drive, Workman USB flash drive, Horseshoe USB flash drive for luck and more).
A price - $36.5

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Islam USB flash drive

Next USB flash drive made in very special manner Islamic theme. Islamic memory stick combines images created by ancient masters, and modern design.

Islam in Silver and Blue

Islamic USB memory stick

Islam in Gold and Green

Islamic USB flash drive

Islam in Silver, Black and Swarovski

Islam USB flash drive with Swarovski

Islam in Gold, White and Swarovski

Islam USB memory stick with Swarovski

Capacity storage of Islamic USB flash drive 4GB.
Material: Metal and Enamel.
Silver and Green/Blue/Black/White with/without Swarovski stones
Gold and Green/Blue/Black/White with/without Swarovski stones
Price - $50