Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Secure memory stick by Lockheed Martin

IronClad USB flash drive

Lockheed Martin known as global security company in  business areas as Aeronautics,Electronic Systems,Information Systems & Global Services  and Space Systems. Together with IronKey Lockheed Martin introduce secure USB flash drive - IronClad™. A memory stick can be plugged to any type of computer and will save sensitive document safely in the war, trip or home.


  Secure USB flash drive

IronClad  security include:

  • 256-bit, military-grade encryption
  • Built-in secure software applications
  • Remote management
  • Managed, “white-listed” application portfolio
  • Embedded security policies
  • Rugged, solid metal casing
Secure USB flash drive

Friday, January 8, 2010

Ink Pen drive by EDGE

Ink Pen USB Flash Drive 2
A combination pen and USB flash drive known for a long time. But usually problem of this device short long time or not impressive design. A company EDGE took  into consideration all comment and released sleek and modern DiskGO™ USB 2.0 Flash Drive plus Ink Pen.
Ink Pen USB Flash Drive 1 
A Pen drive available in 1GB- 8GB in home site or in

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Magic lamp USB flash drive

Mini Lamp USB flash driveLamp USB flash drive open

First days of 2010 already here and new unusual USB drives publishing by electronic companies. Green House company open new year with Magic lamp USB flash drive. USB stick in shape as lamp and blinking where data writing or reading. A Fairy Lamp USB stick available in 3 colors:

Blue Lamp USB flash drive

Blue Lamp USB flash drive

Green Lamp USB flash drive

Green Lamp USB flash drive

Yellow Lamp USB flash drive

Yellow Lamp USB flash drive

Capacity storage 2GB and price 2,980JPY( around US $32).

Monday, January 4, 2010

Machine Gun Uzi USB flash drive Drive

Machine Gun USB flash drive

Legend Israeli weapon was published after Six-Day War, in action movies in 70's-80's every hero, that saved the World did it with Uzi. In the 21st Century  a "bad boys" uses in electronic bomb or high tech device and every  modern arms require to data. A excellent solution - USB flash drive. And who can kill all terrorists with simple  memory stick? Nobody, of course! Only Machine Gun USB flash drive can donate piece of safely information in the worldwide battle! Do you want to join to best team of rescuers? Go to the site USB Geek and do it!

Weapon USB flash drive

Capacity storage of Machine Gun USB memory stick  4GB and price US $22.