Friday, January 28, 2011

Airplane tailfin USB flash drive

USB airplane tailfin flash drive 5


Bahrain company Bader Models  create miniature models of Aircraft Models,  Architectural Models and  Marine Models but last innovation intended for our site. Airplane tailfin of airlines as KLM, PANAM, Air France  and more. A USB airplane tailfin is very tiny and light. Several cool memory stick for example:

USB airplane tailfin flash drive 1 USB airplane tailfin flash drive 2

USB airplane tailfin flash drive 3 USB airplane tailfin flash drive 4

A price 4GB   = US $53.00, 8GB   = US $63.00, 16GB = US $79.00, 32GB = US $120.00.

Have a good flight!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Duracell USB flash drive

Congratulations! New player was born in the arena of USB memory sticks. A worldwide brand Duracell  was published capless USB flash drive in the Black/Copper color. 5 years of warranty, capacity storage of 2GB –16GB.

Duracell USB flash drive

A price start at £ 9.49

Friday, January 21, 2011

22 caliber silver bullet USB flash drive against vampires

22 caliber bullet USB flash drive 1
Are you can sleep in night? Are you fear vampires? Active Media Products released cool gadget  special for you – Silver Bullet USB flash drive against vampires! Maybe will cannot  shoot  it to the hearth, but  might be bullet on the bunch of keys scare away a leech.
Silver bullet USB flash drive
Capacity storage 4GB and 8GB. Bullet USB flash drive is  waterproof and shock resistant.

Silver Galet USB flash drive

Galet USB memory stick


French company  LaCie known as creator of exclusive memory stick. LaCia the first published USB flash drive in shape as key, also everybody remember cool series of Currency USB Flash Drive. This time LaCie

surprised positively a clients in the amazing  USB drive in shape as galet.  Luxury Galet USB flash drive designed by Christofle and LaCie and performed as silver-plated conversation piece.

Galet USB flash drive

Capacity storage 4GB.

Luxury Silver USB flash drive

A price US  $130

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Keys USB 3.0

USB flash drive in shape as key is not innovation, but how to attract the client in order to buy production of  company? A answer is technology!  Active media product created 3 Keys USB flash drive, maybe a form of keys in not new, but every memory stick  compatible with USB 3.0! It’s not sleek and cool USB flash drive, but very fast and tiny gadget.

Key USB 3.0Key USB 3.0Key USB 3.0

Capacity storage 4GB – 8GB.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Cola can USB flash drive

Cola can USB flash drive

Last announce of Active Media Products was cool USB drive in shape as Cola can.  A memory stick performed from polymer material and have look as real can at miniature.

Cola can memory stick

Cola can USB drive available in capacity storage of 4GB and  8GB. A retail price  approx. $11 (4GB), $20 (8GB).

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The best cars in the World as USB flash drive.

Audidrive USB flash drive 3

The website Green House published series Audidrive by company Welly . The series include  USB flash drives in shape as best cars. All USB cars released by official license from companies Lamborghini, Audi, Porsche and Volkswagen. Every company choose the best model – Lamborghini  presented MURCIELAGO, Porsche – The 911, Audi stopped on model TT.

Audidrive USB flash drive 1

Volkswagen choose the best popular model – BEETLE and CLASSICAL BUS.

Audidrive USB flash drive 2

A USB gadget performed as real car at miniature and light on in the connecting time. Every item from the series will be amazing gift to car collector.

Audidrive USB flash drive 4

Audidrive USB flash drive 5

Capacity storage 4GB.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Bunch of keys by Biwin

In the exhibition CES 2011 Chinese company Biwin presented the best product, but very original sticks (IMHO) is Key USB Series. Some of key very similar to the USB keys of LaCie, but rest is very cool:

USB keyUSB keyUSB keyUSB key

All Key USB flash drives available in capacity storage from 512 MB to 8 GB, 10 years data retention and stainless steel surface.

Friday, January 7, 2011

USB Rabbit as symbol of 2011

Symbol of 2011 Rabbit USB flash drive

By Chinese Zodiac Horoscope current 2011 year is year of rabbit. Several electronic  companies offer a way how give rise to the rabbit to escort you every time – USB flash drive in shape as Rabbit! And after Swarovsky was publish Rabbit USB company Bone Collection.

Rabbit USB memory stick

Adorable Rabbit Driver available in white, red an gray colors. As rest memory sticks of company also this one has washable silicone coat and life time warranty.

Rabbit USB flash drive


Coming soon in!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

USB Animals by Swarovsky

Famous company Swarovsky known as producer of fashion accessories. Sometimes designers of Swarovsky combine unusual items and paste. A first was present  USB heart in 2007, later, in 2008 was released amazing Moon Chrome and now, to the beautiful collection was  added line of glossy animals. A series include 4 models, every one has capacity storage of 4GB.
A first in the Jewelry farm  was appeared little USB  turtle in the name Chloy.
Swarovsky USB turtle greenSwarovsky USB turtle purple
Next memory stick was present in the shape as piggy. A model names Howard black and  Howard pink
Swarovsky USB piggy pinkSwarovsky USB piggy black
Maurice blue/yellow is name USB bird
Swarovsky USB bird blueSwarovsky USB bird yellow
And last in cool company is red and white USB rabbit Pearly

Swarovsky USB rabbit redSwarovsky USB rabbit white

A price 90EUR to turtle and piggy, a 80EUR to bird and rabbit. All Animals USB flash drive available in online shop of company.
Please pay attention! Not intended for children 12 and under.