Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Stylish Cufflinks and USB flash drive

To implement modern gadgets into fashionable item of clothing it's a not new idea but every time we can see new product and again be surprised to the creative of designers. On the face of regular cuff-links, but look like they tastefully decorated! Antique gold coating, oval form, and of course USB flash drive in capacity storage of 8MB (4MB each)

A price $224.95

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Angry Birds USB flash drive

Angry Birds USB flash drive
Following the most famous game on iPhone,iPod, Tablets and more devices on Android operation system, after countless products as bags,t-shirts, phone cases and more, more-more....  Company Emtec released collection of Angry Birds. Every birds made in the maximum look matching to the game characters. Coolest USB Angry Birds flash drive can be use as data storage, as key chain or just cool feature on the bag.

Angry Birds USB flash drive

Angry Birds USB drive
 Angry Birds USB memory stick

Capacity storage 4GB and 8GB.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Clasp USB flash drive

Clasp USB flash drive 1

Recently USB flash drive in shape as clips gaining momentum. After Verbatim and Elecom to the arena joining new player – Germany studio EMAMIDESIGN.

 Clasp USB flash drive 2

A  design of LOOPO  allow him to be  clippable and wearable in office or outside. Clasp USB flash drive very quicker and easier therefore can be use as keychain, paper clip  or  pendant. The rugged buckle will save on the memory stick and a device will not lose.

Clasp USB flash drive 3

Now, it’s concept only but  we are sure on the best future.

Pig USB flash drive

Pig USB flash drive 2

A studio We Play God from London presented unusual  attitude to usual sow. This is not just boring USB hub and several memory stick it’s  Big  Pig Family! USB hub in the shape as big pig and three swine's - coolest  USB flash drives.  Perfect and realistic performance, nice look and easy using .

Pig USB flash drive 1

A price and capacity storage still unknown.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Crosses Collectors Bundle for crosses music funs

A company Indie Merchandising start preorder of  LIMITED EDITION Crosses Collectors Bundle. All items of kit includes pink crosses in the special design in order to match them to crosses music from 10" virgin colored pink vinyl with die cut crosses logo jacket EACH HAND NUMBERED. Bundle include also guys or girls album t-shirt, crosses logo stencil on oil board tan in color at 10" w X 9" h, cast acrylic crosses logo necklace with nickel 24" chain, custom embroidered black knit crosses logo scarf,custom box with black on black crosses logo on top that will encase all contents of package and  Cross USB flash drive pre-loaded with Remix Stem files.
Crosses Music USB flash drive
 A bundle price $99.00

USB flash drive for Fiat

Fiat key USB flash drive
2 years ago we published post about memory stick in the shape as car key. Today we happy inform on the join new "friend" to the family "car keys" - Fiat key USB flash drive. Coolest flash drive made in the Fiat design style and can be use also  as key ring.


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Unlosable USB flash drive

Unlosable Car USB flash drive

А novelty from Russian designers is not new forms of Car USB memory stick but new and really cool feature – “unlosability”.  If you can’t find the USB drive - clap your hands and gadget will howl as car alarm!

Unlosable Car USB memory stick

The cool USB flash drive available in red and blue. Price  $22.00.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Asian girl USB flash drive

Cool girl USB flash drive

Pucca is cool Asian girl which came to us  from famous company Emtec. Pucca is bring fresh, joy and young look!

Cool asian girl USB memory stick

Memory stick made out of soft touch rubber material. Capacity storage 4GB. Available in  France, Italy, Mexico and Brazil only.