Friday, June 24, 2011

Fluorescent USB flash drive

Fluorescent USB flash drive 2

Sometimes, where you work in darkness only keyboard got light from the display, therefore possible to forgot the memory stick in the USB port and to damnify to the computer or to stick. In order to prevent a trouble a company PRETEC presented new compact-sized USB flash drive in fluorescent yellow color “i-Disk BiBi” . A Fluorescent USB flash drive isn't disturb to display light and also will remind to disconnect external storage.

Fluorescent USB flash drive 1

Capacity storage 1GB - 8GB

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Funny Piggy USB flash drive

Pig USB  flash drive 2

Funny memory stick was present in the web site Green House –  in the body of pig  from the round nose exist USB connector and pops out by jack on belly . It’s  a fine and cool look do it simple USB flash drive as perfect accessory on the key ring or on the bag. Happy USB Pig family present in 4 colors: red, blues, yellow and black.

Pig USB  flash drive 1

Capacity storage 4GB, a price 2280 Japanese yen  (around  28 - 29U.S. dollars).

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

USB flash drive as USB flash drive

Memory stick in shape as USB flash drive

After release of USB flash drive in shape as cassette and DDR memory   was created one more device in “storage” form -  USB flash drive in shape as … USB flash drive. A body of memory stick is duplicate a form of USB connector one to one.

Memory stick in shape as USB flash drive

The cool and funny USB flash drive available in capacity storage 4GB.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wedding ring USB flash drive

Wedding ring  USB flash drive 1

This USB flash drive intended to one target only – to be a gift! And not just gift but  hint to something big and serious - marriage proposal. But geeks it's unusual people, therefor a way to the wedding is pass via electronic  gadget.Wedding ring  USB flash drive 2

Wedding ring USB flash drive designed by Russian designers.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

“2” USB flash drive

2GB USB flash drive 1

In the past we present some very cool USB flash by Russian designers and today time has come to tell about company “Project 111”. A company was created in 1993 and  specialized on creating and release  the corporate gift.  In 2008 was opened design collection “Kuzkina mat'” (Famous Russian idiom) that main inspiration to look undertakes from idioms, journalese and word collocations based on play on words. Today we present USB flash drive “2”. A shape of gadget  spouting out from the capacity storage of memory stick.

2GB USB flash drive 2

Unfortunately, USB flash drives from collection available in Russian e-stores only.
Idea and design of “2” USB flash drive by Alexy Chugunnikov.

Chocolate Ice crème USB memory stick

Again we back to the subject of “tasty product” and this post dedicated to the sun, beach and fun. Coolest USB flash drive in the shape of Chocolate Ice crème will remind you: ”Go out from the office!  Go to the near beach! Relax on the sand! And bite cool and delicious ice crème!”

Chocolate Ice Creme USB flash drive

Capacity storage of Chocolate Ice crème USB flash drive is 8GB. A price $55.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Looney Tunes USB flash drives

After the international success of the "Animal" range long time no news from Germany company Emtec but in  Paris, May 26th 2011 was ended a waiting. New, happy and joyous series “Looney Tunes ” of famous and favorites cartoon characters was released and we are proud to present it!

Speedy USB flash drive

Speedy USB flash drive

Sylvestre USB flash drive

Sylvestre USB Flash drive

Taz USB flash drive

Taz USB flash drive

Tweety USB flash drive

Tweety USB flash drive

All cartoon characters USB flash drives is work in read speed 15MB/s and write speed 5MB/s. Capacity storage 4GB. Coming soon in store!