Thursday, August 28, 2008

Beijing Bird's Nest stadium - USB flash drive

Beijing Birds Nest stadium USB flash drive

Last Olympic games in China has ended. Sure, all peoples will  remember beautiful main object of the Olympiad - stadium Beijing National Stadium. A best way to immortalize this miracle - to acquire souvenir.  You can buy MP3 player or Mini speakers  in shape as Beijing Bird's Nest, but to real geek Chinese company Hantat Technology Ltd. has released USB flash drive Beijing Bird’s Nest Stadium.

Beijing Olympic Birds Nest stadium USB stick

A Olympic memory stick is offering in capacity storage 32MB to 8GB. Read speed is up to 20MBps and write speed is 10MBps to 12MBps.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Wooden Animals – USB thumb drive

 Wooden animals USB flash drive

Japanese designers from the company Hacoa decided to combine 2 different directions of nature – flora and fauna. Wooden USB flash drive in shape as animals will fill “grass” in the office desk or in home. A USB dog, hippo, elephant, swan and pig made by ecological materials and proposed in 2 color: bright and dark.

  Wooden animals USB flash drive Wooden animals USB memory stick Wooden animals USB thumb drive

Wooden animals USB flash drive Wooden animals USB flash drive

Capacity storage of 1 GB obtainable at $70.

Wooden animals USB flash drive Wooden animals USB memory stick

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Tongue – USB memory stick

tongue cool usb flash drive

A assortment of USB flash drives in on-line stores is boundless, but real expert of hi-tech gadgets can find extraordinary flash disk in companies, which engage in individual design.

Today, we present unusual, cool and fashionable USB flash drive in the shape of Tongue.

tongue usb memory stick

A concept intended to geeks and creative users only.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fruit - USB flash drive

Watermelon Fruit usb flash drive

Summer! Hot! Vacation! How to unite these words in USB memory stick? And a answer brought Chinese designers – Watermelon USB flash drive!  A new fruit USB thumb drive can join to  delicious USB Strawberry.

 Watermelon Fruit usb memory stick

8 GB of  “healthy” storage available start at $33.

Watermelon Fruit usb thumb drive

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Moon Chrome – USB thumb drive by Swarovski-Philips

Moon USB flash drive Moon USB thumb drive

Austrian company Swarovski continue to release USB memory stick corporately with Philips. Amazing crystals Swarovski integrated flash mechanism and a result is real jewelry for daily using. A decoration of clothes and body by pendant with hidden function will make you irresistible.

Moon USB flash disk Moon USB thumbdrive

A capacity storage of USB flash drive by Swarovski-Philips is 2GB and price 190 EUR.

Moon USB memmory stick