Sunday, July 26, 2009

WWF Polar bear USB drive

Polar Bear USB drive
The Earth Warming,first and foremost, is threatening to flora and fauna in North and South poles. Ices is retreating and many animals liable to lose eat and regular dwell place. WWF organization tries to save and help to animals, which be in danger and if reminded of word North Pole, then must think Polar bear. In XIX century, hunters decreased population of Polar bear to minimum, but in second half of 20 century condition improved. A Polar Bear is very amazing animal, his body consists from 60% of vitamin A, and a meat of bear is toxic to people, therefore a killing executed for fur only. Anyway, a company Active Media Product released one more USB flash drive dedicated to saving animals and donates 5% of retail price to WWF.
Polar Bear USB memory stick
Polar Bear USB memory stick made by soft non-toxic silicone, capacity storage of gadget is 1GB,2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and available in (click on banner)

*and from now also 32GB!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Bento Lunch Box USB Drive

Bento Box USB drive

Japanese habitualness in the eat not healthful only, also include wisdom and piece of culture.  A gorgeous example to this argument is Japanese lunch box, known as Bento. A traditional Bento comprise of rice, fish or meat, and one or more pickled or cooked vegetables as a side dish. E-shop USB Geek announced Bento USB drive, which consists of classical foodstuffs and, of course, a cap. Current release can be create beautiful "menu" with Sushi and Sashimi USB drives.

Bento USB memory 

Capacity storage of fresh USB meal is 2GB and a price  US$ 17.00 only.


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Topsecret USB flash drive

A computer always associate with modern world, but Holland designer Marlies Romberg inverted current assertion and offered the computer in wooden wrapper. A idea to create PC without plastic and glass do it as "old" home item. Of course not possible to change hard disk, processor or motherboard to wooden analogs, but a case, a keyboard and monitor frame can be made from wood. Add wooden table and wooden mouse and will get masterpiece of modern design.

Wooden PC

But the best supplement to wooden computer is ... wooden USB flash drive. Also this gadget was designed by unusual style. Topsecret USB flash drive presented in shape as  ingot with sealing wax sign.

Topsecret USB drive by Marlies Romberg 1

Topsecret USB drive by Marlies Romberg 2

Author not inform on technical details and might be both items is concept only.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

USB Sunglasses by Calvin Klein

Long ago famous fashion companies not gladdened us in USB accessories. Undoubtedly many peoples remember beautiful series of USB fashion accessories from Tonia Welter and irreproachable Swarovski-Philips USB Moon Chrome. A next fashion item dedicated to men and will release in October 2009 by Calvin Klein. Peerless and expensive CK USB Sunglasses with detachable arms, which connecting to body via USB connector. The USB arm (I cannot say stick) has capacity storage of 4GB for music, photo or data.

 Calvin Klein USB Sunglasses

A price is price of mainstream designers item $199 US

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hemingway fun’s Animals USB memory drive

What is common in Alligator, Beluga, Ladybird , Penguin and Spotted Dolphin? At first sight – nothing, but it’s not a opinion of company Etsy. In the web store hemingwayfun’s shop available new concept in design of USB animals. Usually USB drive include main 3 parts: a body, USB port and a cap. A cap completing a shape of stick and save on USB port. Where a USB drive using in computer a cap is losing a meaning and be unnecessary, therefore in current items a usual cap absent and replaced in transparent silicon cover. Undoubtedly, successfully  look do it very cool and differs from the norm. Now, available 2 animals only:

“Chompy” Gator USB flash drive

Gator USB flash drive

Crocodile USB memory stick

“Moby” Beluga Whale USB Flash Drive

Beluga Whale USB Flash Drive

Beluga Whale USB memory drive

Capacity storage of both 2GB and a price $33.00 USD.

Hemingway fun’s Animals USB memory drives

In the future will be released Ladybird USB drive , Penguin USB drive and Spotted Dolphin USB drive.