Thursday, December 24, 2009

R.I.P USB Flash Drive

RIP usb flash drive

This USB stick was released special to Halloween or to Goth’s, otherwise very hard to find someone, which will put tombstone on the working computer. 

 Tombstone usb flash drive

But if you like black humor handmade Tombstone USB flash drive available in capacity storage of 4GB in OrigamiMe's Shop.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Ringo Star's album in USB wristband

A drummer from legendary quartet Beatles offered album Liverpool 8 in the conceptual and non usual storage - USB wristband. Тhere is no difference between CD and wristband that include 12 tracks:Ringo Star Liverpool 8 USB drive 
1. Liverpool 8
2. Think About You
3. For Love
4. Now That She's Gone Away
5. Gone Are The Days
6. Give It A Try
7. Tuff Love
8. Harry's Song
9. Pasodobles
10. If It's Love That You Want
11. Love Is
12. R U Ready
Liverpool 8 USB drive

Scream Aim Fire in Bullet USB

The metalcore band Bullet for My Valentine found original way to publishing album "Scream Aim Fire". All tracks, a 15 minute track-by-track commentary, a PDF album booklet, and 4 wallpapers available in Bullet USB flash drive.
Scream Aim Fire USB album
A album in current pack  was released in Limited Edition and will be the best gift to funs of band.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Deer USB memory stick

deer usb flash drive
Christmas is soon and Santa Claus rush to every home. Good children will get car or doll, bad children will get modest gift and geeks will get gadget (it doesn't matter what is his a behavior). Exist countless amount of USB stick dedicated to Christmas and Bone Collection released more one , but this Deer USB flash drive especial! Smiling face, cool look and life time warranty.
Christmas gift USB drive  Deer USB memory stick
Happy New Year!

Friday, November 27, 2009

USB drive similar in size to a quarter

USB drive similar in size to a quarter 3

А choice of similar USB drives, thumb drives and memory stick is teeming. A manufactures offers light,tiniest and compact drives.  As well as bestow more features as waterproof and/or shock resistant. Аccording to  company EDGE current USB drive is an ideal storage solution for clutter-conscious users.

The unique sliding design conceals the USB connector when not in use, eliminating the risk of losing a cap like traditional USB flash drives. The thin, stackable design allows for easy insertion and removal into awkwardly placed USB ports.

USB drive similar in size to a quarter 1USB drive similar in size to a quarter 2360Icon

Capacity storage of DiskGO™ USB Flash Drives 1GB- 16GB and price in $12.95 - $49.95 in the site of company.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Wild USB flash drive

A company DiskGO™ found fun way to make USB memory different from shaped USB drive and regular memory stick without special design. A solution is classical  memory drive in wild coloration:
Tiger design USB drive
Tiger desing USB drive
Fire design USB drive
Fire desing USB drive
Snake design USB drive
Snake desing USB drive
Capacity storage of Wild USB memory stick 256MB - 512MB

Monday, November 23, 2009

Screw bolt USB drive

1 year ago we published for the first time USB drive in shape as Nail but industry of tech designers not stopped and released the “brother” of nail – the Screw Bolt USB drive. Let me to counsel – add to collection Nut USB drive, Claw Hammer USB drive and of course  Screwdriver USB drive and everyone will can fix computer by himself.

Screw bolt USB drive

Screw Bolt USB memory stick available in 7 version: 128MB - 16GB

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Oak Barrel USB memory

In the past we published memory drives dedicated to funs of beer or sport drinks, but for a amateurs of wine “got” cork only. Today we redeem an error and offering full barrel of drink to which devote verses, poems and novels. Excellent Oak Barrel USB flash drive made from Dark or Light Bamboo or Rosewood.

Oak Barrel USB flash drive

A natural color add real look of wine barrel to the gadget and has capacity of 1GB - 8GB of superb red wine data.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hello Kitty USB drive

A symbol of little white kitty on product for a long time associate with trademark “Hello Kitty”. A kitty was created in 1974 by company Sanrio and very fast become popular. After registration in USA in 1976 and release of the same name multi series “Hello Kitty” seeable in stickers, greeting cards, clothes, accessories and more. Modern world  must conquer new fields and a company released some USB gadget dedicated to “Hello Kitty”. Enjoy!

Hello Kitty USB Memory

   Hello Kitty Usb Drive

Hello Kitty Usb memory stickHello Kitty Usb flash Drive

Capacity storage 1GB. A price US $77.84

Hello Kitty Ribbon USB Memory

Hello Kitty Ribbon Usb DriveHello Kitty Ribbon Usb memory stick

Colors red or pink, capacity 1GB, price US $140

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Yin and Yang USB Drive

Talented designer always insert simple but very elegant innovation to our  World.  Yin and Yang  is main conception of harmony in old Chinese philosophy and Brazilian industrial designer Rodrigo Brenner get it to modern life via personification those symbols as USB flash drive. Beautiful performance, thin lines and of course a  slogan: "Double the storage. Double the fun."

Yin and Yang USB Drive 

A official name of product is YY Pendrive.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Wink USB thumb drive

If to believe to banner from site of Active Media Products Wink USB flash drive is personification of happy face of Sarah Palin (incidentally, tomorrow  will release shies book “Going Rogue”). Happy Wink, tiniest and thin (0.1 inches only) a properties of new fun thumb drive.

Wink usb driveWink usb thumb drive

Capacity storage 2GB - 16GB

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

USB flash drive for referee

Whistle USB Drive

Probably someone that invented Whistle USB Drive love sport in particular a referees. To use a whistle as USB thumb drive is not a concept which thinks about it every day unless a whistle is main tool in your work or hobby. Anyway, today referee can leave notepad and pencil in out of the sports ground and to save all important data in the whistle!

 Whistle USB flash drive Whistle USB thumb drive 

Whistle USB Drive available in USB Geek in capacity storage of 4GB and price US$ 20.00

 Whistle USB memory stick

Monday, November 9, 2009

Beatles Apple USB flash drive

Beatles Apple USB flash drive

The Official Beatles store is offer unique and very attractive product: Beatles Apple USB drive that include 14 stereo titles, as well as all of the re-mastered CDs’ visual elements, including  some mini-documentary films, rare photos and expanded liner notes. Beatles USB drive has capacity storage of 16GB of audio and visual contents will be provided in FLAC 44.1 khz 24 bit and MP3 320 Kb/s formats.

Beatles USB memory stickBeatles USB  drive

A Beatles Apple USB memory storage was released in limited edition and available in Amazon (see banner).

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Koala USB drive

Koala USB drive 1

A company Active Media Products Ltd renewed a line of animals USB flash (USB Polar bear, USB Penguin, USB Panda) drive and yesterday was released new fun USB memory stick in shape as Koala. A company known as one that donate part of profit to WWF. Koala live in Australia only and was annihilated almost to extinction in the early 20th century but Government of Australia prohibited a hunt and helped to rehabilitate a population. Today Koala has  level “low risk” however fire and drought still  threaten to breeding.

Koala USB memory stickKoala USB flash drive

If you want cool USB gadget and the want to donate for saving animals – available Koala USB flash drive in capacity storage 2GB-16GB.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A kit to the making USB drive

A kit to making USB drive

Sweden designer Colm Keller created not new USB flash drive only, but a full set to making fun USB memory stick.

I wanted to include the reflective, relaxing qualities of crafts as way to build an emotional bond between users and the project. Colm Keller

A kit to making USB drive

A kit contain:

- A digital Scrapbook

- A carving knife

-A hub for both Digital Scrapbooks

-A carrying

A kit to making USB memory storage

A result of work is hand-made unrepeatable USB drive and good  mood!

A hand-made  USB drive

A set to making USB flash drive

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Lizard USB drive

Lizard USB memory stick

In the world of global warming very important to save all animals that live on Earth. Some companies even donate money to this target and more one way to pay attention of the peoples - to create USB drives in shape as animals. For example Panda USB drive, Elephant USB drive or USB Zoo series. Today we join new “friend“ – fun Lizard USB drive.  Verily, lizard it’s not whale or other rare animal, but we must to save every bug in order to leave the beautiful World to the descendants.   

Lizard USB flash drive

Capacity:  1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB

Life-Time Warranty

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Porsche USB flash drive

Porshe USB flash drive

In order to emphasize a exclusiveness and high speed of  laptops or memory storages, a manufacturers use names of motorbikes or cars as Dukati, Lamborghini or Ferrari. To certain model is holding in esteem and releasing gadgets in shape as car. Today we offering  combination of respect and speed – Porsche Panamera USB flash drive. Porsche memory stick fine blending with Porsche laptop and can be beautiful item to funs of Porsche.

Porshe USB memory stick 

Porshe USB drive

via AutoBlog

Sunday, October 18, 2009

USB flash drive for luck

Lucky USB drive

Four-leaf clover is very rare plant (usual clover include 3 leafs only). In the western tradition there is a legend, that to find by accident four-leaf clover will bring luck. A company Imm Living Inc. decided to relieve mazy quest and released Good Luck USB flash drive in shape as aforementioned plant.

Good Luck USB drive

Four-Leaf Clover USB memory drive has capacity storage 2GB and available in home page of company. Price US $33.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Memory Key USB drive

Memory key USB drive

What is names has regular flash memory? USB flash drive, USB memory stick, thumb drive, jump drive, USB storage and even disk on key. Just last definition wafted design of Memory Key USB flash drive. A shape of gadget is perfect will seem in key ring together with metal  keys and remote control.

USB Memory Key

Colors purple and blue, capacity storage 2GB, price US $33.

disk on key