Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Porsche USB flash drive

Porshe USB flash drive

In order to emphasize a exclusiveness and high speed of  laptops or memory storages, a manufacturers use names of motorbikes or cars as Dukati, Lamborghini or Ferrari. To certain model is holding in esteem and releasing gadgets in shape as car. Today we offering  combination of respect and speed – Porsche Panamera USB flash drive. Porsche memory stick fine blending with Porsche laptop and can be beautiful item to funs of Porsche.

Porshe USB memory stick 

Porshe USB drive

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

USB flash drive for luck

Lucky USB drive

Four-leaf clover is very rare plant (usual clover include 3 leafs only). In the western tradition there is a legend, that to find by accident four-leaf clover will bring luck. A company Imm Living Inc. decided to relieve mazy quest and released Good Luck USB flash drive in shape as aforementioned plant.

Good Luck USB drive

Four-Leaf Clover USB memory drive has capacity storage 2GB and available in home page of company. Price US $33.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Memory Key USB drive

Memory key USB drive

What is names has regular flash memory? USB flash drive, USB memory stick, thumb drive, jump drive, USB storage and even disk on key. Just last definition wafted design of Memory Key USB flash drive. A shape of gadget is perfect will seem in key ring together with metal  keys and remote control.

USB Memory Key

Colors purple and blue, capacity storage 2GB, price US $33.

disk on key

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Word Up USB flash drive

Word Up usb flash drive

Last hand sign in October 2009 release by Canadian company Imm Living Inc. is Word Up USB flash drive. We are really don’t known what is a meaning of this sign. We dug in all internet and not found what it is. Maybe this is gang sign, maybe counter-cultural symbols or hip-hop sign but the Word Up USB stick seems pretty and cool therefore we published it.

Word UP USB memory stick

Word Up USB memory stick has capacity storage of 2GB and price US $37.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Priestly Blessing or Vulcan salute USB drive

Priestly Blessing USB flash drive

Priestly Blessing (ברכת כהנים)  this is old symbol of Kohanim from Judaism and using religion ceremony. Second meaning of symbol is Vulcan salute, that appeared in second episode of Star Track. Vulcan USB memory stick in computer will can salute you as Spock from the aforecited movie.

Vulcan salute USB flash drive

Imm Living Inc. offering USB hand sign with capacity storage 2GB and in price US $37.

Peace USB flash drive

Peace USB drive

Canadian company Imm Living go on hand sign series and this time was released Peace USB drive. A “V”  sign, sure thing, the best known sign, which  acquired vogue in World War II. Winston Churchill used it as sign of Victory (for V as in victory). After a war a sign became popular during the peace movement of the 1960s.

Victory USB drive 

Peace USB memory stick available in eStores. Color: White.  Price: US $37.

Previous  hand signs you can find here and here.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ruler USB flash drive

Ruler USB memory stick

The best of tech designers offers USB flash drives in shapes as animals, toys and even religion symbols, but a little is produce really practical and combined USB thumb drives. A beautiful example is Ruler USB flash drive. In home, in office or in university this cool gadgets can be use as also office tool and also data storage. Ruler USB has metric and inch scale, USB connector on the on the brink and convenience in using.

Ruler USB flash drive

Ruler USB memory stick available in Japanese web site AudioCubes in capacity storage of 2GB and price US $35.99

Friday, October 9, 2009

Barber USB Flash Drive

Barber USB flash drive

Who said, that memory stick can be hanged on the ring as key ring or on neck as pendant? The Barber USB drive can be just stick out in the pocket of your trousers or jeans and to perform double functions: USB memory drive and simple comb. USB connector exist in the brink of handle and not disturb to comb yourself.

Comb USB flash drive

Comb USB flash drive available in Japanese web site AudioCubes in capacity storage of 2GB and price US $35.99

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Company BASF was created 40 years ago and become known as manufacturer of audio-cassettes, video-cassettes and other magnetic tapes. After cassettes time has come of floppy disc’s, CD’s and DVD’s.  21st century  a company started with new name Emtec  and stay a world leader in IT technologies.

 USB Zoo

Now, when spoken on compact memory storages, of course, meaning on USB flash drives and Emtec presented not USB memory stick lonely, but whole series of USB drives in shape as animals and name “Zoo”. A Zoo USB include Mouse, Panda, Panther and Teddy Bear.


Every USB animal has capacity storage 2GB-8GB, read speed up to 24MB/s ,write speed up to 7MB/s and warranty 5 years.

Mouse USB flash drive by Emtec

Mouse USB flash drive

Mouse USB memory stick

Panda USB flash drive by Emtec

Panda USB flash drive

Panda USB memory stick

Panther USB flash drive by Emtec

Panther USB flash drive

Panther USB memory stick

Teddy USB flash drive by Emtec

Teddy Bear USB flash drive

Teddy Bear USB memory stick

4 cute animals to adopt immediately!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Peg USB drive

1 year ago Polish design company POOR presented concept of USB Claim. Japanese company Solid Alliance carry out long way from the concept to release and in October 2, 2009 presented USBPEG flash drive. Thanks to new flash drive Solid Alliance started to use a wood as material to USB memory sticks. Peg USB drive will be use as claim, read/write memory, note holder and more.

 USBPEG flash drive USB Peg flash drive

 Claim USB memory Peg USN memory

Capacity storage of Peg USB thumb drive 2GB, a price 2,500 JPY (US $28) and sales will start in October6, 2009