Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Data injection USB memory storage

A  studio dialog05 from Germany offer some cool USB concepts, between a abundance of the devices worthwhile to mark concepts of USB flash drive or USB memory storage.

Today we bring Data Injection USB flash disk.

Not only for data junkies, also in the event of a virus. or simply for your daily data rations!

Data injection USB flash drive

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Titanium USB flash drive - Tyukalov

Company Tyukalov presented USB flash disk, which as by its words,  are personification of reliability, of style and luxury. Body of the thumb drive is made from titanium, so that they very strong and shock resistant, frontal and rear panel are accomplished from special material metal-ceramics, stable to scratches and strikes.

Titanium USB flash drive   stylish USB flash drive

But main zest of the device is ruby highlighted, which being  the indicator of activity. A capacity storage  8 GB.

shock resistant usb flash drive strong usb flash drive

Monday, April 14, 2008

USB flash drive and webcam in one

In general we not public USB flash drives, which includes very innovation technology,

but today we want to present extraordinary device: Sunyang DNT Volvox!

If you have USB flash disc permanently in the bag, why will not to add another device to your memory stick?

Think about this: USB thumb drive has storage capacity 512 MB, 1 GB or 2 GB and Web camera 0.3 MP with resolution 640x480 and 30 fps.


A price at $59.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Fashion accessories - USB flash drive

The actual collection (modern functional tools and high quality fashion accessories) are carefully handmade in Berlin, Germany by industrial designer Tonia Welter and jewellery designer Julia Reymann and is made of sterling silver.  Storage capacity of all items is 2 GB in general and available in limited edition. The surface appears in two dissimilar designs: shiny finish (brushed) and matt finish (icy structure). Individual whishes like engraving, gemstones (cabochon, facet, baguet) and other materials (white and yellow gold, platinum, titanium, palladium) on demand. The collection ranges from cufflinks BERLIN, necklaces (VENICE, MILANO) to bracelets (RIO, PALERMO, MÜNCHEN) and keychains (HAMBURG).


USB cufflinks, sterling silver, shiny finish

BERLIN cufflinks USB flash drive

BERLIN cufflinks USB flash drive BERLIN cufflinks USB flash drive



USB necklace, sterling silver, shiny finish, 3 white zirkonia

VENICE necklace USB flash drive 

VENICE necklace USB flash drive

VENICE necklace USB flash drive


USB bracelet, sterling silver, shiny finish, knitted silverwire
RIO bracelet USB flash drive
RIO bracelet USB flash drive RIO bracelet USB flash drive



USB bracelet, sterling silver, shiny finish
  PALERMO bracelet USB flash drive
 PALERMO bracelet USB flash drive PALERMO bracelet USB flash drive



USB necklace, sterling silver, matt finish, PE cord, coral

MILANO necklace USB flash drive
MILANO necklace USB flash drive MILANO necklace USB flash drive


USB keychain, sterling silver, matt finish, white sailing rope
HAMBURG keychain USB flash drive



USB bracelet, sterling silver, matt finish, leather
Munich Munchen MÜNCHEN  bracelet USB flash drive

Shops: Berlin, München, Zurich

Monday, April 7, 2008

FLX - The Compressible USB flash drive

Squeezable Compressible Uncircumcised Convenient USB flash drive 

This is not the world's least accordion but FLX, a flexible USB flash stick. Design student Jacek Ryn latterly designed and prototyped his beautiful idea at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk (Poland).

Squeezable Compressible Uncircumcised Convenient USB flash drive Squeezable Compressible Uncircumcised Convenient USB flash drive

The casing is composed of a colored silicone and makes smart use of the materials natural elasticity to uncover the plug when pushed into the USB port, and automatically slip back when removed.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Fuzzy and Soft USB memory storage

This, extraordinary, soft USB flash drive designed and released by artist Nifer Fahrion.

 Fuzzy and soft usb flash drive

Every USB soft worm or fuzzy critter (call it how to you seems nice) are handmade using wool felting techniques.

Fuzzy and soft usb flash drive

Obtainable 2 model: Maggie the Maggot and Gizzy the Data Worm in storage 4 GB and a price 66 USD and 68 USD.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

New Ducati USB Flash Drive

SanDisk released new very fast Extreme Ducati Edition USB Flash Drive (a transferring speed 20MB/second ). A Ducati of USB alike to his big brother - a motorcycle.

The performance, design and colors -  a portable copy of a Ducati MotoGP motorcycle. To see and enjoy!

 Motorcycle Ducati  USB flash drive

A USB memory stick available in 4GB configuration and a price - 124.95 USD