Friday, November 26, 2010

Fantastic USB flash drive

Fantastic speed USB flash drive

New memory stick by French company LaCie cracked all records of usual USB flash drive. Classic strong design, tiny size and lightweight is external property only. Under the stylish metallic layer exist really monster: capacity storage 30GB, 60GB and 120GB( is not mistake – 120GB!), data transfer speed up to 260MB/s and technology USB 3.0 SSD with DRAM cache.

Fantastic speed USB memory stick

A name of fantastic USB flash drive is FastKey.  A price: 30GB - $149.99, 60GB
- $249.99, 120GB - $474.99.

Links to
LaCie FastKey 30 GB USB 3.0 Solid State Drive 130978
LaCie FastKey 60 GB USB 3.0 Solid State Drive 130979
LaCie FastKey 120 GB USB 3.0 Solid State Drive 130980

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Piece of shit USB flash drive

His name is IPOOD. The best crappiest USB memory stick in the World! 2GB of memory in the electronic geek joke.

Crappiest USB flash drive

A price £16.99.

Author Shed Simove.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Five Lesser Known Facts about SuperSpeed USB

USB 3.0, a.k.a. SuperSpeed USB, has some really important advantages for the market: a 10x increase in speed; power management features; and increased bus power for power hungry USB devices. There are a number of articles which delve into the details of these new benefits so this article will focus on five lesser known facts about SuperSpeed USB that consumers may find useful. Full article after the jump.

“Тhe Game of Death” USB flash drive

Bruce Lee Memeory stick

Real fans of Bruce Lee remember it in movie “Тhe Game of Death” with nunchaku in the hand. Company Pretec was reproduces a character of famous artist in USB flash drive. A  miniature character design with typacal hairstyle, a gaze  and nunchaku does Bruce Lee USB memory stick very special and cool.

Тhe Game of Death USB flash driveBruce Lee USB flash drive

Capacity storage 4GB.

Monday, November 8, 2010

50-Caliber Gold Bullet USB flash drive

Gold bullet USB memory stick
50-Caliber Bullet uses in the long-range target and sniper rifles, and gold bullet, usually, in very special cases. Gold bullet must  go to the important target, that can be you or your data. Active Media Products fired the bullet  in capacity storage 4GB and 8GB.
Gold bullet USB flash drive
As regular bullet current USB memory stick is waterproof, shock resistant and has data retention 10 years. Gold Bullet USB flash drive available in

Friday, November 5, 2010

911 cars USB flash drives

After long pause we are back to relate about USB flash drives in shape as cars by unique web site “Flash Rods”. And subject of current post cars of 911 service. A first in the collection is sheriff car:

Police USB flash drive


Carbon copy of police car in 1:18 scale. A next is 2 fire engines.

 Fire engine USB flash drive 1

Perfect pumper

Fire engine USB flash drive 2 


A the last and very important car – ambulance

Ambulance USB flash drive 1

Ambulance USB flash drive 2

Capacity storage of every car  4GB, a price $27.50 .

Monday, November 1, 2010

Gingerman USB flash drive

The Gingerbread man USB flash drive
A inspiration to next gadget come from the old but very famous fable “The Gingerbread man”. Tis beautiful idea and nice performance, but we hope that a data in the Gingerman memory stick will not run away as boy and will not come to artful fox. To be on the safe side a body made by washable silicone coat, therefor in the next time Gingerman will succeed be kept. Thanks to Bone Collection!
Gingerman USB flash drive

Snowman USB Flash Drive

Snowman Driver
Christmas coming soon and time has come to think what the gift to purchase. In the world web exists thousand’s of shops which offering goods for any taste, but pay attention to new coolest USB flash drive in the shape as Snowman by Bone Collection. Happy snowy man will remember on the winter and holiday.
Snowman USB flash drive
A body of Snowman USB memory stick made by washable silicone coat, transfer data LED indication shine as Christmas tree and life time warranty! Happy New Year!

Snowman USB memory stick