Sunday, May 31, 2009

USB flash drive series “Vegetable Ragout”

Vegetable Ragout USB flash dive 

Russian advertising center “BRAND MEDIA” is offering a inventive solution to all members of the company. A  Vegetable Ragout include:

Chili Pepper, 2GB – hot data

Carrot, 2GB – bright data, photo, video

Corn, 2GB – detail data, reports

Cucumber, 1GB – fresh data, daily use

Eggplant, 1GB – very secret data

Total capacity of the kit  - 8GB. In order to using  Vegetable Ragout USB drives in efficiency let Carrot USB drive to secretary, Chili Pepper USB drive – to designer, Corn USB drive – to bookkeeper, Cucumber USB drive – to manager, and Eggplant USB drive (very important vegetable) – to director.

Vegetable USB flash drive

A price 2853 RUB (US$ 92)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ninja Shuriken USB flash drive

Ninja Star USB drive  

Afresh Japanese company Solid Allianse astonished  a crowd in new USB flash drive shaped as concealed weapon - Shuriken. Shuriken, also known as ninja stars but in the computer world one can find a using as unusual USB drive only.

 Ninja Star USB drive

Capacity storage of Ninja USB memory is 2GB only, but a price not low - 10,500 JPY (US$ 108)

Ninja Shuriken USB drive

Important note: Please note that this product is not a "real'' Shuriken, and cannot be used as such, also we would like to remind you that this product may be dangerous due to its sharp edges and MUST be handle with care, a distributors cannot be responsible if you misused this product and hurt yourself or others with it.

Ninja Star USB drive

WWF Penguin USB drive

WWF Penguin USB drive WWF Penguin USB drive
A company Active Media Products LTD. is continue a line of animals for the benefit of WWF. After amazing PANDA USB drive published first pictures of Penguin USB drive. Perfect look and quality of gadget, a great idea to donate 5% to WWF from every sale will attract not geek's only, as well as usual peoples, which not indifferent to the fates of animals.
WWF Penguin USB drive 3
A WWF Penguin USB drive published in Flickr only and not in official site , therefore a capacity storage and price still unknown.
P.S. Official release was held in  June 10, 2009 and World Wildlife Fund Penguin USB memory drive available in capacity storage from 1GB and up to 16GB in the price from $12.95 and up do $42.95 (accordingly to the capacity) in

 *and from now also 32GB!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Cereal Spoon USB drive

Forget USB flash drive in shape as Sushi, forget Cake USB drive, even you can forget Lollipop USB drive from now the best Food memory stick  is Cereal Spoon USB drive, as published by Techeblog.

Cereal Spoon USB drive

See and enjoy!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Transformer USB flash drive

Transformer Raver USB  Drive

Transformer USB  Drive

A first mention on transformer become in end of 2007. Despite to popularity of transformers not appeared many USB gadget, which dedicated to funs. And now time has come to be happy – very realistic Transforming USB drive in shape as Ravage was published in the store BigBadToyStore. A USB drive is collapsible as veritable transformer, also USB gadget  intended to adults and not suitable for children under 16 years of age.

Transformer Tiger USB  Drive

Transformer USB  Drive

Capacity storage of Transforming Ravage USB drive in not fantastic 2GB only but a price impressing US$ 42.99.  By estimate will available in September 2009.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Bug Jewelry USB Flash Drive

Bug USB flash drive

If lady will see current USB drive she not will fear and not shout but nicely smile. If tech will see it, he will think about ambiguousness - bug as animal, and bug as computer error. In both case one can say Bug USB drive has been nice design (bug coated on jewelry).

Bug USB flash drive

Capacity storage of 8GB and good price - only US$33 (in Brando), surely will add cool look to any laptop or to you like nifty pendant.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

WWF or Panda USB drive

Panda USB flash drive 
World Wildlife Fund always find way  to bring his ideas to all peoples in the World. Billboards, TV advertisement, caps and more, but American company Active Media Products Ltd. take promotion to the USB gadgets World and released Panda USB flash drive. Every 5% from the retail of Panda USB drive will donate to WWF.
WWF PANDA USB flash drive
Capacity storage of PANDA memory stick is up to 16GB and available in

*and from now also 32GB!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Flag USB drive

Flag USB drive

Maybe a shape of next USB flash drive not the best design creation, but  who that concocted this forgot his USB drive in the USB port and I'm sure not 1 time only. Japanese company Green House offered solution - to memory stick added the flag as red strip of airplane. Before every flight, pilot (or technician) must remove red strip from essential places and in your desk red flag will remind to remove USB flash drive.

Flag USB drive

Flag USB drive available in capacity of 1GB, 2GB, 4GB and 8GB and price start at US$ 40.00 (3,980 JPY) to 8GB.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Open season with summer USB flash drive!

Japanese company Green House released 2 new USB gadgets to summer 2009. PicoDrive Beach - USB flash drive in shape as beach sandals and PicoDrive Surf - USB flash drive in shape as surfboard. Both USB drives bring summer and happy mood, sun and vacation, beach and water. If your ass in office and your mind in beach take summer USB flash drives and at least little and cool USB gadgets will improve gray day!

Beach Sandals USB drive

Beach Sandals USB flash drive 

Beach Sandals USB flash drive

Surfboard USB flash drive

Surfboard USB flash drive

Surfboard USB flash drive

A price of USB flash drives start at US$ 38.00 (3,780 JPY) to 4GB.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Big Ben USB drive

After release of wonderful USB drive in shape as Statue Of Liberty Chinese company iMicro presented USB flash drive shaped as London symbol - Big Ben.

Big Ben USB Drive 

This is good trend to create USB drive in shape as famous symbols. Maybe in future we will see USB Eiffel Tower (symbol of Paris), USB Coliseum (symbol of Rome) or USB Burj Al Arab (symbol of Dubai). Big Ben USB drive available in capacity storage of 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB ,16GB and has Life-Time Warranty.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Jeweled Apple USB thumb drive

New USB flash drive, which offering site, is not only memory stick shaped as apple, this also cool jeweled pendant.

apple usb drive

Beautiful design and "everyday" gadget available in  4 colors: Red, Pink, Blue and White.

apple usb drive

A capacity storage of Apple USB drive is 2 GB and price US$ 21.00

apple usb drive