Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Samurai sword USB flash drive

Real samurai must to have good weapon.  And the most weapon is Katana (samurai sword)! But sword and modern suit not going together, therefore japanese tech designers released Shinsen-gumi USB flash drive. A USB flash “weapon” will save safety all data, but don’t worry - in the crisis time he will not do a harakiri.

Samurai sword USB flash drive

Capacity storage of Samurai Sword USB thumb drive 512MB to 1 GB and a price start at $80 (7 700JPY).

Katana USB flash drive

Monday, October 27, 2008

Code Geass: Lelouch of the rebellion R2 - USB flash drive

Code Geass USB Flash drive 

Next item dedicated to all funs of   known Japanese anime television series - "Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion". And especially to audience of  last season, which premiered in April 2008 on MBS and TBS. Limited release of 500 units will be  sell in December 2008. Code Geass USB Flash drive

Code Geass USB Flash drive

Capacity storage of 2GB start at $100 (9 240 JPY).

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Cross USB flash drive

 Silver Cross USB flash drive

A cooperation of two Japanese companies Solid Alliance and KenBlood procreated new sense accessory - amazing Silver Cross USB flash drive. A combination of experience and reliability in flash technology, from the one side, and gentle in decoration, from the another side can be adorn everyone.

 Silver Cross USB flash drive

Available two types: silver and gold.

Silver Cross USB flash drive 

Capacity storage of Silver Cross USB flash drive – 2 GB and a price start at $210(19,800 JPY).

Silver Cross USB flash drive

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Skull Ring USB flash drive

Skull Ring USB flash drive 

Japanese company Solid Alliance  again surprised all funs of modern gadgets. In this time has released full series of rings, but not usually ring – real gothic USB flash drive in the shape of Skull Ring. Skull Ring USB thumb drive available in 8 colors:

Skull Ring USB flash drive

Capacity storage of the USB Ring 2 GB only and a price $156 (14,700 JPY).

Skull Ring USB flash drive Skull Ring USB flash drive Skull Ring USB flash drive

Friday, October 24, 2008

USB flash drive as Butterfly Knife

American company Benchmade is specialize on the creation and the making  all sorts of knifes. But to the new product there is only form of knife and instead of blade boasts a  USB storage. Unique design is attracting attention and 2 GB will donate necessary safety.

 Knife USB flash drive

Sunday, October 12, 2008

“Cool” USB flash drive as gift to Christmas

Snowflake USB flash drive

A winter is drawing near and everyone begin to search innovative gift to Christmas. A variety of cool USB gadgets is infinite, but today we present gentle USB memory stick for spouse of geeks - Snowflake covered USB flash drive. Chinese company Cina announced “cool” (as snow) and cool (as design) USB thumb drive. USB stick-snowflake has a unique, delicate, and
fragile look, but is made from a very hard-wearing nylon material.

Christmas USB flash drive

Capacity storage of USB flash disk is 4GB and а price start at $100.

Monday, October 6, 2008

USB flash drive against nuclear stresses.

Resistance USB Flash drive

If in next summer financial crisis will solve and soul will want a adventures and additional adrenalin – extreme travel agency always ready to help! Very danger and insecure places will wait you! Infected forest of Chernobyl (Ukraine) or little nuclear conflict somewhere in Middle East, everywhere will need survivor USB stick. Welcome to world of IronDrive™! Military USB flash drive tested for all dangers, which can wait you: high temperature, shock, vibration, caustic agents, submersion, EMI, and nuclear stresses. Memory capacity available: 32MB – 4GB, and guaranteed resistance in temperature range from -40 F (-40 C) to +185 F (+85C) and have weight 5.8 Ounces (164 Grams). Before purchase paid attention: a proof USB thumb drive support Win XP Embedded, Win POS, Win CE, Win XP Pro, Linux, VxWorks.

Mahjong USB flash memory stick

Mahjong USB flash drive

A old Traditional Chinese game Mahjong well-known in the World has developed in about 500 BC by great Chinese philosopher Confucius. A first playing cards was made from the stone, next generation from wood and 20th century bring cards from plastic. But electronic world not forget lovely amusement of Tens ages. Chinese company Bronon announced beautiful Mahjong USB flash drive in the shape of 6  Mahjong playing cards in the name MahjongDisk. In the order time you can choose any chip of Mahjong collection from some themes.  A case of Mahjong USN thumb drive made by natural wood  in capacity of  8GB or 16GB and available in two versions:

Lan-Xue: Boxus spp.(Chinese little leaf boxwood ) and Red Sandalwood

Mahjong  USB thumb drive

A price: 8GB - $490 and 16GB - $550

Mahjong USB memory stick

Li-Shui: Amobna and Pteroceltis tatarinowii

Mahjong USB storage

A price: 8GB - $390 and 16GB - $450

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Liquid-Filled USB thumb drive

Beer USB flash drive

How to convert homely USB memory stick to happy and geek-style gadget? A company CNK Promotions, LLC  invented a cool stuffing to usual USB flash drive – liquid. And main product of the series is Beer-Filled USB flash drive. Original design and brainchild can help in sales promotion.

Beer-Filled USB flash drive

A logo and liquid color will filled according to your choice!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Two-in-One USB thumb drive

Super Kid USB thumb drive

A concept of some USB flash drives in one product is accelerating now. And first item from the collection is new USB thumb drive  “Super Kid”. A USB memory stick made in shape of man with stylish handbag, when every part of product is individual USB flash drive: Person USB thumb drive and Bag USB flash drive.

Super Kid USB memory stick (available in 3 colors)

 2 in 1 USB flash drive

Handbag USB memory stick (available in 5 colors)

Handbag USB thumb drive

All segments made by soft plastic and available in capacity storage of 8GB  and price $38 to Super Kid USB thumb drive, and $36 to Handbag USB thumb drive.

 Super Kid Usb flash drive