Friday, June 29, 2012

Queen's Guard USB flash drive

Queens Guard Soldier USB flash drive

This year queen Elisabeth II celebrates 60 years on throne. Celebrations were held in London in June and the queen appeared everywhere, accompanied by authentic dressed soldiers of Guard. The company Bone, special to celebration,  released cool USB flash drive shaped as Queen's Guard Soldier. As real soldier a Queen's Guard Soldier USB drive is washable and never lose the cap. A uniform soldier USB drive available as puzzle and include all necessary items of fighter.

Queens Guard Soldier USB flash drive 1

Capacity storage 4GB, 8GB.

Queens Guard Soldier USB flash drive 2

Friday, June 22, 2012

Crystal heart USB flash drive

Crystal Heart USB flash drive

USB flash drive it’s not electronic device only. Today, famous companies far from the storage data use memory sticks as fashion accessories. Austrian company Swarovsky  is offering nice pendant in the shape of heart. A USB heart embellished in 54 beautiful crystals by color of the romantic named  accessory.

 Crystal Heart USB flash drive 2Crystal Heart USB flash drive 1

Now available 5 Heart USB flash drives: Crystal(black color), Blue Zircon (blue color), Indian Siam (red color), Light Rose(rose color), Violet(violet color).

Capacity storage 4GB

Price $ 75.00

Thursday, June 21, 2012

USB drive for Apple devices

Unconditionally, Apple's electronic end-user products is very cool and very sold devices in the World but a solution of transfer data from device to device is related by software as iTunes. For flexible way was created iFlash Drive - USB drive for Apple. It's not storage only also connector to another computer not based on iOS as Windows, Linux and more. Universal Apple connector do it available to  iPhone, iPod and more.

Capacity storage 32 GB.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

USB Flash drive antivirus

New USB drive "FixMe stick" not intended to save photos, video or software. Other way round, his main target is to  protect a data on computer. New stick contain special soft for fix and remove malware and viruses. Say "no more"  to install bulky antiviruses - just connect FixMe stick to USB port and your computer will be clean.

A price US $49.99  for using in 3 PC.