Sunday, October 24, 2010

USB in the Land, Water and Air

XXI Century capacitive to move on the transport in the land, water and air. Next USB series dedicated to it:
Track (land):
Track USB flash drive
Boat USB flash drive
Airplane USB flash drive
All USB memory sticks supports Password Protection  and  AES-256bit Hardware Encryption (optional), Life-Time Warranty and capacity storage 1GB – 8GB.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Rechargeable Battery and USB flash drive in one

Rechargeable Battery and USB flash drive in one
A project AA USB was based on the question: ”Can be benefit from routine, unintentional pattern of behaviors?” and Korean tech designer Wonchul Wang created concept of the device. USB flash drive looks like the regular AA battery, but in the bottom exist USB connector. Where data is transferred to and from computer a battery is charging. In end of work, a connector is hiding in the body and can use gadget as energy source in MP3 player, flashlight of any portable device which use AA lithium-ion battery.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bruce Lee USB flash drive

Bruce Lee USB flash drive
Legend actor, martial arts instructor, philosopher, film director, film producer, screenwriter, and founder Bruce Lee passed away in 1973, but millions of people knows she's name. Children, which does first steps in east martial arts (as Karate,Kung Fu and etc.) glorify it as mythological figure, a films of Bruce Lee still very popular up to date. Company Pretec was released USB flash drive with vivid facial expression of Bruce Lee in the body. Indeed USB stick doesn’t have very special specifications, but will be nice gift to the fun of “Draco”.
Bruce Lee USB memory stick
Capacity storage 4GB-16GB.

Friday, October 15, 2010

GT USB flash drive

GT USB flash drive
A company Verbatim taken inspiration from the sports car and was launched new cool USB flash drive in the name GT, a meaning of GT is speed  and winning. A design  of USB stick is racing stripes in red or black color and properties accordingly: sliding mechanism, 54mm long, 21mm wide and 9.22mm deep and weight just 7.9g(!).
GT USB memory stickSports Car USB flash drive
Capacity storage 4GB.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

USB flash drive as free single

Free single USB flash drive
How to promote new album? A social surveys doesn't get answer what is a media preferring potential client, therefore tech designer David Riesenberg created project “O+ Promotional Music Release “, that adapted to Vinyl disk, CD, USB storage and special code to iTunes. Tiny size of thumb drive lets be included in everyone from the media’s.
In USB storage
USB storage Free single USB flash drive
CD Free single USB flash drive
In Vinyl Disk
Vinyl Disk Free single USB flash drive

Friday, October 8, 2010

2010 Winter USB flash drive

Winter USB flash drive

The classic series of ADATA was increased by new 2010 Winter Limited Edition USB flash disk. A device was released specially to Christmas in the winter design and will be nice gift to everyone. You can choose on of winter design's: Snowman or Snowflakes.  A holiday pack include Christmas tree, candy cane, and stocking in order to create a atmosphere of joy.

Winter USB memory stick

Capacity storage 4GB.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Opener USB flash drive

Today we’ll store about USB flash drive for programmers and IT persons. A world of the software is cross-company and where come time to upload new versions those peoples  stay in workplaces in order to complete a task. A sidekick in this case is bottle of beer. And how to open it in the office? Great to solution to problem come from website Green House, which offering USB flash drive in shape as bottle opener. Cool  memory stick include USB connector in the head and opener in the other side of device. Thanks to unusual properties Opener USB flash drive can include up to 4GB of data and countless possibilities to open bottles.

Opener USB flash drive

A price start at US $40.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Keys as USB flash drive

Recently, more and more companies releases USB flash drive in shape as regular key. Today we'll  make an effort  to summarize what available in the stores:
1. Sample Disk On Key, which appeared in 2008.
USB Disk On Key 2[1]
2. A real turning point occurred after release series of keys by French company LaCie.

Key USB flash drive 3[1] 

3. Keys from Victorian epoch
Keys from Victorian epoch
4. Next key got name Memory Key
Memory key
5. A year 2010 started from Automotive USB flash drive
Porsche key USB Flash Drive
6. Car key USB flash drive by Active Media Products
Car key USB flash drive
7. Golden Key from Russian designers
Golden Key
8. Tiny key from Super Talent
Tiny Key
9. Two last key was published by Japanese website Green House
Silver Key USB flash drive and  Gold Key USB flash drive is pair of coolest memory stick, and can complete nice collections of Disk On Keys.
Japanesse Key USB flash drive
Capacity storage 4GB, price start as US $40.
Gold and Silver Key USB flash drive

Tiny disk on key

Tiny memory stick
Last memory stick from Super Talent is not innovation  in the gadget world, but include the main properties of everyday and cool USB flash drive. At first the gadget in tiny and thin, CKB Flash Drive is waterproof and of course cool design, which lets to use it as keychain.
Tiny USB flash drive
Capacity storage 2GB-32GB, lifetime warranty and style look of user.