Sunday, August 30, 2009

Japanese hand-held fan USB memory drive

Hand-held fan USB drive 

A hand-held fans appeared for the first time in East Asia. In the 18th century traders brought first patterns to Europe and very quickly became popular. European masters  learned to copy their and created owned fan for kings and high society. In Japan, fan used not for beauty only, but as weapon and part of dress in theater Kabuki. A modern using is offering a web-site GeekStuff4U. A traditional Japanese hand-held fan Sensu has capacity storage of 16GB. This is hand made device and is made of Bamboo, Wood  and Cotton.

Hand-held fan Sensu USB drive

A Sensu fan flash drive available in the site and  price is JPY 27,500.00 (US $293)

Monday, August 10, 2009

MINI Cooper USB flash drive


August 26, 1959 was released first MINI Cooper and coming soon will celebrate the 50th Anniversary! A company ZEROBASIC (Licensed by BMW AG and BMH) prepared cool gift to fans of the best little car – USB flash memory in shape as MINI Cooper. A USB plug  concealed into body of car which made by diecast MINI Cooper and the headlights light up when the gadget is plugged into the USB port.


MINI Cooper USB Flash drive available in 4 colors: red, green, white and black. Capacity storage from 1GB to 4GB. A price start 6980 JPY (US $72)  to 4GB.

Click here to official site of MINI Cooper USB flash drive.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Washable USB flash drive

 Adorable dolphin usb flash drive 

A company Bone Collection again gladdened a gadget fans and released Dolphin USB flash drive. Adorable dolphin has anti-dustproof coating and made by washable silicone (not including flash). Dolphin memory stick is very qualitative device and a manufacture give life time warranty.

Dolphin driver

Dolphin driver available in pink, grey and black colors
Adorable dolphin memory stick