Sunday, April 13, 2008

Fashion accessories - USB flash drive

The actual collection (modern functional tools and high quality fashion accessories) are carefully handmade in Berlin, Germany by industrial designer Tonia Welter and jewellery designer Julia Reymann and is made of sterling silver.  Storage capacity of all items is 2 GB in general and available in limited edition. The surface appears in two dissimilar designs: shiny finish (brushed) and matt finish (icy structure). Individual whishes like engraving, gemstones (cabochon, facet, baguet) and other materials (white and yellow gold, platinum, titanium, palladium) on demand. The collection ranges from cufflinks BERLIN, necklaces (VENICE, MILANO) to bracelets (RIO, PALERMO, MÜNCHEN) and keychains (HAMBURG).


USB cufflinks, sterling silver, shiny finish

BERLIN cufflinks USB flash drive

BERLIN cufflinks USB flash drive BERLIN cufflinks USB flash drive



USB necklace, sterling silver, shiny finish, 3 white zirkonia

VENICE necklace USB flash drive 

VENICE necklace USB flash drive

VENICE necklace USB flash drive


USB bracelet, sterling silver, shiny finish, knitted silverwire
RIO bracelet USB flash drive
RIO bracelet USB flash drive RIO bracelet USB flash drive



USB bracelet, sterling silver, shiny finish
  PALERMO bracelet USB flash drive
 PALERMO bracelet USB flash drive PALERMO bracelet USB flash drive



USB necklace, sterling silver, matt finish, PE cord, coral

MILANO necklace USB flash drive
MILANO necklace USB flash drive MILANO necklace USB flash drive


USB keychain, sterling silver, matt finish, white sailing rope
HAMBURG keychain USB flash drive



USB bracelet, sterling silver, matt finish, leather
Munich Munchen MÜNCHEN  bracelet USB flash drive

Shops: Berlin, München, Zurich


Anonymous said...

Looks cool...Wish it will be available here in the Philippines.

Can i have price list of that...

heres my


Anonymous said...

I'm very interested in the leather bracelet. How much does it cost? Can you ship to Sweden? Pleasse send me an e-mail: benny.noren(insert@here)

Anonymous said...

I like the bracelets and keychains. Where can I buy?

Gever said...

See links in the bottom of article.

Anonymous said...

Can I purchase them in bulk for wholesale?

Please contact

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Very nice and surprisingly functional. Is it possible to design them for larger data capacity? Say, about 16GB?

Anonymous said...

Hy......... the bracelet with the chians be delivered to romania ? and how much would it cost ? please send me a email to :

Андрей said...

Hi, I am Andrey... I have a small electronics shop in Kishinev, Moldova. I am interested to sell these USB bracelets. Could you send me a price list. Thanks...

Anonymous said...

Hi, Can you let me have a price list of products please.

The Wifey Diaries said...

please email me the prices... jannessevillanueva AT gmail DOT com

Trine said...

Those are so hot!
how can we buy? ;) and how much?
You can contact me at

Anonymous said...

HI, can you tell me where I can buy these awesome USB products in Europe, like leather or silver bracelets for man, and how much does it mail is

Gever said...

You can find links to shops in bottom of post.

Richard Cole King said...

Hi there. I have been frantically trying to get hold of one of these. I am from South Africa. Can you please let me know how I can get one (or thousands)? richardcoleking[at]gmail[dot]com

Miss D said...

Hello, I've clicked on the links and I've translated the sites but i can't find the products. Are they still selling them? If they are please let me know where.