Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Cake Royale – USB flash drive

Cake Royale Strawberry Torte usb flash drive

Are you love cakes? Are you can’t pass next to bakery and not detainee? A view of cream maddens you? Next product is designed special for you! The Chinese company Vavolo not stop to surprise. After series of Donuts and Freshly Baked in last month’s May a company released new “food” series of flash USB disks - Cake Royale. 4 wonderful and tasty cakes in the adorned packing seem as a real dainty. Every USB stick have capacity up to 4 GB.

Strawberry Torte cake USB stick

Strawberry Torte

French Mille-Feuille cake USB flash drive

French Mille-Feuille

Black Forest Cake USB flash drive

Black Forest Cake

Fruit Plate Cake USB flash drive

Fruit Plate Cake

All the products have a standard RoHS.

Cake Royale USB flash drive

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kiddybatik said...

hi...where to get this usb? thx