Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hand sign – USB flash drive

A site Sirtified is offer cool design products and gadgets. But cut a figure USB flash drives in shape as hand sign. In every culture exist symbols and gestures. And in the World accepted some signs, that every one know, like the rocker's devil horn salute or hippie peace sign. In this time released 3 signs:


Hand sign West USB Flash drive Hnad sign West 2GB USB thumb drive


Hand sign East USB Flash drive Hnad sign West 2GB USB Flash drive


Hand sign Haevy Metal Rock USB Flash drive Hand sign Rock USB Flash drive

Hand Sign USB thumb drive has capacity storage of 2GB and price US$ 35.


Anonymous said...

this is awesome !! cool designs but one question.. where can i buy them?

Gever said...

This and more gang signs you can find in japanesse eStore AudioCubes.