Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Company BASF was created 40 years ago and become known as manufacturer of audio-cassettes, video-cassettes and other magnetic tapes. After cassettes time has come of floppy disc’s, CD’s and DVD’s.  21st century  a company started with new name Emtec  and stay a world leader in IT technologies.

 USB Zoo

Now, when spoken on compact memory storages, of course, meaning on USB flash drives and Emtec presented not USB memory stick lonely, but whole series of USB drives in shape as animals and name “Zoo”. A Zoo USB include Mouse, Panda, Panther and Teddy Bear.


Every USB animal has capacity storage 2GB-8GB, read speed up to 24MB/s ,write speed up to 7MB/s and warranty 5 years.

Mouse USB flash drive by Emtec

Mouse USB flash drive

Mouse USB memory stick

Panda USB flash drive by Emtec

Panda USB flash drive

Panda USB memory stick

Panther USB flash drive by Emtec

Panther USB flash drive

Panther USB memory stick

Teddy USB flash drive by Emtec

Teddy Bear USB flash drive

Teddy Bear USB memory stick

4 cute animals to adopt immediately!

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