Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hello Kitty USB drive

A symbol of little white kitty on product for a long time associate with trademark “Hello Kitty”. A kitty was created in 1974 by company Sanrio and very fast become popular. After registration in USA in 1976 and release of the same name multi series “Hello Kitty” seeable in stickers, greeting cards, clothes, accessories and more. Modern world  must conquer new fields and a company released some USB gadget dedicated to “Hello Kitty”. Enjoy!

Hello Kitty USB Memory

   Hello Kitty Usb Drive

Hello Kitty Usb memory stickHello Kitty Usb flash Drive

Capacity storage 1GB. A price US $77.84

Hello Kitty Ribbon USB Memory

Hello Kitty Ribbon Usb DriveHello Kitty Ribbon Usb memory stick

Colors red or pink, capacity 1GB, price US $140

1 comment:

Joyceanne said...

Where cna i buy the kitty ribbon memory USB? are u selling them?