Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Secure memory stick by Lockheed Martin

IronClad USB flash drive

Lockheed Martin known as global security company in  business areas as Aeronautics,Electronic Systems,Information Systems & Global Services  and Space Systems. Together with IronKey Lockheed Martin introduce secure USB flash drive - IronClad™. A memory stick can be plugged to any type of computer and will save sensitive document safely in the war, trip or home.


  Secure USB flash drive

IronClad  security include:

  • 256-bit, military-grade encryption
  • Built-in secure software applications
  • Remote management
  • Managed, “white-listed” application portfolio
  • Embedded security policies
  • Rugged, solid metal casing
Secure USB flash drive

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Amos said...

I have to admit that due to my experience, I had to use several flash drives, but now I only stick to one secure USB flash drive that works great .
In the last year there have been a few developments related to antimalware on portable drives (worth another post maybe…).