Sunday, April 4, 2010

USB flash drive car

Today, we want to adduce new (since 2009), but very charismatic company “Flash Rods”, which release USB flash drive in shapes as old and modern cars. A company is offer some series of cars and built it in 1:18 scale in very high quality.
Paid attention to  the “Police Lambo”

Lamborghini USB flash driveLamborghini USB memory stick

Or Porsche 911

Porsche 911 USB flash drivePorsche 911 USB memory stick

and of course beautiful Chevy Nomad 1957

Chevy Nomad 1957 USB flash drive

All USB cars has capacity storage of 4GB and price start at  US $22. In the future we’ll publish more great models.


gatitasetsy said...

Hi, im interesting for the usb, you sell it? or only is information? thanks.

Gever said...

Hi, you can visit a site: Flash Road for more information. Regards,