Saturday, September 11, 2010

Warning USB flash drive

lungs and liver usb drive

Up to the sixties cigarettes and alcohol wasn’t regarded as dangerous. After some researches and long struggle government forbidden public promotion of tobacco and alcohol  in TV and billboards. Warning was present in everyplace and even in the packs. Thanks to supreme effort millions of life's was saved, but a struggle not finished yet and new way to familiarize mass is electronic gadgets. In the website USB Geek was published set in the name “Lungs & Liver USB Flash Drive”. A lungs USB memory stick is human, but instead of head exist a lungs and reminder “Don’t smoke”. Second stick is human with liver instead of head and reminder “Don’t drink”. Set of Warnings USB flash drive is cool gift to partner or colleague which do you want to save a health.

 liver usb drive lungs usb drive

Capacity storage 4GB. Price - $20.

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