Saturday, October 2, 2010

Keys as USB flash drive

Recently, more and more companies releases USB flash drive in shape as regular key. Today we'll  make an effort  to summarize what available in the stores:
1. Sample Disk On Key, which appeared in 2008.
USB Disk On Key 2[1]
2. A real turning point occurred after release series of keys by French company LaCie.

Key USB flash drive 3[1] 

3. Keys from Victorian epoch
Keys from Victorian epoch
4. Next key got name Memory Key
Memory key
5. A year 2010 started from Automotive USB flash drive
Porsche key USB Flash Drive
6. Car key USB flash drive by Active Media Products
Car key USB flash drive
7. Golden Key from Russian designers
Golden Key
8. Tiny key from Super Talent
Tiny Key
9. Two last key was published by Japanese website Green House
Silver Key USB flash drive and  Gold Key USB flash drive is pair of coolest memory stick, and can complete nice collections of Disk On Keys.
Japanesse Key USB flash drive
Capacity storage 4GB, price start as US $40.
Gold and Silver Key USB flash drive

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