Friday, November 5, 2010

911 cars USB flash drives

After long pause we are back to relate about USB flash drives in shape as cars by unique web site “Flash Rods”. And subject of current post cars of 911 service. A first in the collection is sheriff car:

Police USB flash drive


Carbon copy of police car in 1:18 scale. A next is 2 fire engines.

 Fire engine USB flash drive 1

Perfect pumper

Fire engine USB flash drive 2 


A the last and very important car – ambulance

Ambulance USB flash drive 1

Ambulance USB flash drive 2

Capacity storage of every car  4GB, a price $27.50 .


Anonymous said...

where can i get one of these????

Jet said...

yer same here where do ya get one

Ninja Hawk said...

How can i get these?