Thursday, July 28, 2011

USB flash drive from birch gnarl

Wood USB flash drive 1

In the picture you can see amazing beauty USB flash drive. This is not vulgar plastic stick but device made by rare material birch gnarl. In order to perform the device body required  long way. A first step is to find birch with gnarl in the wood and to slash it from tree. In home to cook it (yes-yes, is not joke) and slice the block for body. Next action is to prepare parts of device, to insert flash memory chip and to lacquer it. Need to dry it and work of art is ready.

Wood memory stick


Corbin C. said...

Where did you find the usb insert? We're wanting to make a few dozen, for a marketing blitz, out of dead pine trees. Thanks!

Gever said...

Sorry, we cannot help you because current memory stick was found in the unknown forum of custom USB drives.