Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mummy USB flash drive

Mummy USB flash drive 

First mummies was produced in ancient Egypt in order to save bodies of pharaohs forever. At the beginning of the century 20th archaeologists from the world wide came to the Giza and opened secrets of pyramids. Following to findings was created countless movies, games and more therefore we are know today that  the best way to save something  - the  mummy. 4,000 years proves the correctness of the choice! Company Bone Collection followed to the advice of the sages and released USB flash drive in the shape as Mummy for best saving of data. Cool Mummy USB flash drive available in 3 colors: grey, pink and white.

Mummy USB memory stick

Capacity storage 4GB and 8GB

Mummy USB drive

Washable silicone body.

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