Thursday, April 12, 2012

Guitar USB Flash Drive

Guitar USB flash drive
A guitar known as the best popular and romantic instrument. A guitar is present in show and in the camp, in films and in bars. A special sound of  chords can warm  and liven up he spirit. Maybe all those facts given rise to create a USB flash drive in shape as guitar. But how to bring closer it to real? Author added nice Carrying Case for more realistic and for cool look.

Guitar USB memory stick
Capacity storage 8GB or 16GB.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dean here, just wondering can I buy the acoustic guitar with the case usb drive from you or from someone else, maybe in Australia? If so how much & where from please. Do they come in an electric guitar styles with a case? I've been after a realistic looking guitar usb drive for awhile now. Do you have any usb flash drives with storage capacity 64 Gig or higher for sale in these designs or others or do you know anyone else who sells them please?