Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ninja Shuriken USB flash drive

Ninja Star USB drive  

Afresh Japanese company Solid Allianse astonished  a crowd in new USB flash drive shaped as concealed weapon - Shuriken. Shuriken, also known as ninja stars but in the computer world one can find a using as unusual USB drive only.

 Ninja Star USB drive

Capacity storage of Ninja USB memory is 2GB only, but a price not low - 10,500 JPY (US$ 108)

Ninja Shuriken USB drive

Important note: Please note that this product is not a "real'' Shuriken, and cannot be used as such, also we would like to remind you that this product may be dangerous due to its sharp edges and MUST be handle with care, a distributors cannot be responsible if you misused this product and hurt yourself or others with it.

Ninja Star USB drive

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