Sunday, May 31, 2009

USB flash drive series “Vegetable Ragout”

Vegetable Ragout USB flash dive 

Russian advertising center “BRAND MEDIA” is offering a inventive solution to all members of the company. A  Vegetable Ragout include:

Chili Pepper, 2GB – hot data

Carrot, 2GB – bright data, photo, video

Corn, 2GB – detail data, reports

Cucumber, 1GB – fresh data, daily use

Eggplant, 1GB – very secret data

Total capacity of the kit  - 8GB. In order to using  Vegetable Ragout USB drives in efficiency let Carrot USB drive to secretary, Chili Pepper USB drive – to designer, Corn USB drive – to bookkeeper, Cucumber USB drive – to manager, and Eggplant USB drive (very important vegetable) – to director.

Vegetable USB flash drive

A price 2853 RUB (US$ 92)

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Anonymous said...

somebody knows where I can buy that?