Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hemingway fun’s Animals USB memory drive

What is common in Alligator, Beluga, Ladybird , Penguin and Spotted Dolphin? At first sight – nothing, but it’s not a opinion of company Etsy. In the web store hemingwayfun’s shop available new concept in design of USB animals. Usually USB drive include main 3 parts: a body, USB port and a cap. A cap completing a shape of stick and save on USB port. Where a USB drive using in computer a cap is losing a meaning and be unnecessary, therefore in current items a usual cap absent and replaced in transparent silicon cover. Undoubtedly, successfully  look do it very cool and differs from the norm. Now, available 2 animals only:

“Chompy” Gator USB flash drive

Gator USB flash drive

Crocodile USB memory stick

“Moby” Beluga Whale USB Flash Drive

Beluga Whale USB Flash Drive

Beluga Whale USB memory drive

Capacity storage of both 2GB and a price $33.00 USD.

Hemingway fun’s Animals USB memory drives

In the future will be released Ladybird USB drive , Penguin USB drive and Spotted Dolphin USB drive.


Anonymous said...

I like those is there a tiger flashdrive?

Anonymous said...

I would like to have several lion flashdrives if possible.

These are really cute!!!