Thursday, July 16, 2009

Topsecret USB flash drive

A computer always associate with modern world, but Holland designer Marlies Romberg inverted current assertion and offered the computer in wooden wrapper. A idea to create PC without plastic and glass do it as "old" home item. Of course not possible to change hard disk, processor or motherboard to wooden analogs, but a case, a keyboard and monitor frame can be made from wood. Add wooden table and wooden mouse and will get masterpiece of modern design.

Wooden PC

But the best supplement to wooden computer is ... wooden USB flash drive. Also this gadget was designed by unusual style. Topsecret USB flash drive presented in shape as  ingot with sealing wax sign.

Topsecret USB drive by Marlies Romberg 1

Topsecret USB drive by Marlies Romberg 2

Author not inform on technical details and might be both items is concept only.

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Branded USB Sticks said...

wow its looking really good, i never seen this style in computers, is it real or you just made a picture, but i am unable to find out the place of usb flash, is it inside the table or some where else, any how you have done a great work, awesome dude.