Sunday, May 9, 2010

Aromatic USB flash drive

Fresh USB flash drive
In our blog we wrote about USB flash drives in the best extraordinary shapes, also wrote about memory stick, which made by very improbable materials. , but up to now did not say although one word about USB drives with scents. It seems the reality of our  world obliging to search very creative solutions. A Polish company Wilk Elektronik S.A. offered GOODDRIVE FRESH in some scents: strawberry, orange, mint and lime . Тhanks to use of a special rubber mixture the long-lasting scent stays for long time. In additional to coolest property fresh USB memory stick resistant to damages and has LED indicator.
Fresh USB flash drive 2Fresh USB flash drive 3
Fresh USB flash drive 4Fresh USB flash drive 5

All scents  available in capacity storage 2GB –16GB.


usb flash drive said...

very nice

Minette said...

All your stuff is great, but where can we buy it ?
There's a lot of USB gadgets on the Net, but it's often difficult to find it in stores.