Saturday, May 8, 2010

Shoes, music and … USB flash drive by Lacoste

Lacoste USB flash drive

Unusual project was present initially 2010. Two entirely different companies joined products to one common set: a snickers Lacoste Mississippi and labeled by Lacoste and DSM stylish USB flash drive, which include 8 exclusive tracks by Deep Soul Music (DSM):

  1. Sinistarr & Stray – Oak Finish
  2. Will Miles – Distant Adoration
  3. Ben-E – Shallow
  4. Jynx – Skeletons
  5. Zyon Base – Mushishi
  6. Cern – Old Soul
  7. FX909 – Over
  8. L.S.B – Paying My Dues
DSM USB flash drive
A set already available in stores. A price US $137
 Lacoste Mississippi  and Lacoste USB flash drive

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