Monday, November 26, 2012

End of world USB flash drive

End of World USB flash drive

By Maya calendar in 12.21.2012 our World must be die or Zombie’s will conquer the Earth or will occur grand collapse or…or…or… For the people that not believe to near end of the world exists additional option to die after 17 years 04.13.2029. The asteroid Apophis weighing 50 million tons is racing to Earth at speed 45000 km/h (28 000 mph) and Polish company ZaNa Design  decided to celebrate this outstanding event by launch USB flash drive that will prevent (at least symbolically) а desire to die. This body of very expensive, stylish and fashionable accessory made of black african tree, encrusted with 18-carat gold or silver 925 but a the best point of the device is a cap. A cap include the piece of  deadly asteroid and elegant diamond.

End of World USB flash drive

Apophis USB flash drive support USB 3.0.

Capacity storage 64 GB.

A price  $1990 for gold and $1130 for silver version.

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