Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Simpsons USB flash drive

The very famous and worldwide beloved series The Simpsons at long last come to us in USB style. In spite of the animated sitcom was created before invented USB standard the characters of Simpson family popular up to  today. Exists very much accessories, toys and souvenirs in the Simpsons style but now available to add beautiful and useful gadget. Italian company Tribe presented the Simpsons USB flash drives collection:

Homer USB flash drive

Homer USB flash driveHomer USB flash drive

Bart USB flash drive

Bart USB flash driveBart USB flash drive

Marge USB flash drive

Marge USB Flash DriveMarge USB Flash Drive

Lisa USB flash drive

Lisa USB Flash DriveLisa USB Flash Drive


Capacity storage 8GB and every memory stick included software allows you to access 1 extra GB online, which can also be used to automatically back up the contents of the flash drive.

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