Monday, October 6, 2008

Mahjong USB flash memory stick

Mahjong USB flash drive

A old Traditional Chinese game Mahjong well-known in the World has developed in about 500 BC by great Chinese philosopher Confucius. A first playing cards was made from the stone, next generation from wood and 20th century bring cards from plastic. But electronic world not forget lovely amusement of Tens ages. Chinese company Bronon announced beautiful Mahjong USB flash drive in the shape of 6  Mahjong playing cards in the name MahjongDisk. In the order time you can choose any chip of Mahjong collection from some themes.  A case of Mahjong USN thumb drive made by natural wood  in capacity of  8GB or 16GB and available in two versions:

Lan-Xue: Boxus spp.(Chinese little leaf boxwood ) and Red Sandalwood

Mahjong  USB thumb drive

A price: 8GB - $490 and 16GB - $550

Mahjong USB memory stick

Li-Shui: Amobna and Pteroceltis tatarinowii

Mahjong USB storage

A price: 8GB - $390 and 16GB - $450

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