Monday, October 6, 2008

USB flash drive against nuclear stresses.

Resistance USB Flash drive

If in next summer financial crisis will solve and soul will want a adventures and additional adrenalin – extreme travel agency always ready to help! Very danger and insecure places will wait you! Infected forest of Chernobyl (Ukraine) or little nuclear conflict somewhere in Middle East, everywhere will need survivor USB stick. Welcome to world of IronDrive™! Military USB flash drive tested for all dangers, which can wait you: high temperature, shock, vibration, caustic agents, submersion, EMI, and nuclear stresses. Memory capacity available: 32MB – 4GB, and guaranteed resistance in temperature range from -40 F (-40 C) to +185 F (+85C) and have weight 5.8 Ounces (164 Grams). Before purchase paid attention: a proof USB thumb drive support Win XP Embedded, Win POS, Win CE, Win XP Pro, Linux, VxWorks.

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