Sunday, October 12, 2008

“Cool” USB flash drive as gift to Christmas

Snowflake USB flash drive

A winter is drawing near and everyone begin to search innovative gift to Christmas. A variety of cool USB gadgets is infinite, but today we present gentle USB memory stick for spouse of geeks - Snowflake covered USB flash drive. Chinese company Cina announced “cool” (as snow) and cool (as design) USB thumb drive. USB stick-snowflake has a unique, delicate, and
fragile look, but is made from a very hard-wearing nylon material.

Christmas USB flash drive

Capacity storage of USB flash disk is 4GB and а price start at $100.

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Michelle said...

I'm already in the process of planning for Christmas and what to buy people.

The past year however, my daughter has really started to go mad buying gadgets for her computer and random weird and wonderful gizmos.

So I’m thinking on getting her a gadget of some kind as I know it will be something she appreciates.
Unfortunately, I have no idea on what I’m actually looking for, I haven't a clue about anything that is hi-tech or gadget related, but I do know she has hinted about a karaoke machine and I have found a website that stocks an ikaraoke. Which will connect to her IPOD.

Now i'm just wondering if something like this will be ok as a small gift.